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Recruitment for the Niger Delta Development Commission in 2021.

Candidates interested in applying for the NDDC recruitment 2021 should do so now. Today’s post will cover how to apply for the Niger Delta Development Commission Recruitment, as well as the criteria and qualifications for the NDDC Recruitment 2021.

Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC)

The Niger Delta Development Commission is a Nigerian federal government agency founded in 2021 by Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo with the sole purpose of developing Nigeria’s Niger Delta region.

One of the Commission’s main responsibilities is to train the youth of the oil-rich Niger delta regions in order to reduce militancy and hostility while also improving key infrastructure to encourage diversification and productivity.

The mission and activities of the NDDC Recruitment

  • Policy and guidelines for the development of the Niger Delta region are being established.
  • Surveying the Niger Delta to determine the steps that must be taken to support its physical and socioeconomic growth
  • Developing master plans and schemes to facilitate the physical development of the Niger Delta region, as well as the estimate of the commission’s member states
  • Identifying factors that impede the development of the Niger Delta region, as well as assisting member states in the formulation and implementation of policies to ensure sound and efficient management of the region’s resources.

NDDC Recruitment 2021

This article is also written for all young Nigerians interested in working for the Niger Delta Development Commission, as the NDDC Recruitment 2021 is currently underway.

It’s worth remembering, however, that the NDDC recruitment platform for the year is now available for qualified candidates who meet the criteria and qualifications.

Recruitment Requirements and Qualifications for the NDDC Recruitment

  • To begin, all applicants must hold a B.Sc, HND, NCE, or OND from a recognized institution in any discipline.
  • Secondly, all applicants must be under the age of 35.
  • All applicants must possess a West African School Certificate (WASC) or Senior Secondary School Certificate (SSSC) with at least passes in two (2) subjects and credits in not less than three (3) subjects, including English; or
  • Ordinary Standard National Examination Council (NECO)/General Certificate of Education (GCE) with four (4) subjects passed in one sitting or five (5) subjects passed in two sittings, including the English Language.)
  • You must be computer literate and familiar with Microsoft Word.
  • In addition, all applicants must be Nigerian citizens, either by birth or nationalization.
  • All candidates must be medically eligible and free of any health problems.
  • Finally, all applicants must be able to have a national identification document, such as a voter identification card, a driver’s license, or a national identity card or an international passport.

How to Apply for the NDDC Recruitment 2021

  • Above all, it is understandable that many people are unfamiliar with the NDDC recruitment portal’s official website.
  • Your application can be submitted online at www.nddc.gov.ng.
  • Last but not least, do not submit your application to any other website.

Vision and Mission of the NDDC Recruitment

To provide a long-term solution to the Niger Delta’s socioeconomic problems and to promote the region’s rapid and sustainable transformation into an economically prosperous, socially secure, ecologically regenerative, and politically peaceful region.


  1. Many attempts and proposals have been made in the past to improve the lives of the people of Nigeria’s Niger Delta region.
  2. Regrettably, each project ended with very little to show for the time and money expended. As a result, it’s understandable that the citizens of the Niger Delta are currently disillusioned with “plans.”
  3. Despite the people’s dissatisfaction, it must be stated that the Niger Delta Master Plan is unique in its aims, focus, and approach, and will not follow in the footsteps of the others.
  4. The Master Plan is envisioned as a mechanism that the Niger Delta Region’s millions of residents will use to realize their shared vision and develop their future to the standards they desire.
  5. The Master Plan is intended to allow all stakeholders (individuals, groups, and communities) to fully engage in the planning and decision-making process.
  6. The organizing consultants, in particular, need stakeholders’ ideas and perspectives to define development focus areas and paint a vibrant picture of how the Niger Delta region could look in 15 years after the master plan is implemented.

This means that the input of stakeholders today will decide the state of affairs in the region tomorrow (for both individuals and communities).

The Master Plan, for which satellite mapping and resource allocation had been completed,
The following areas are likely to be covered by the consultants:

1. Demography is the study of the population.
2. Hydrology and the environment
3. Agriculture and aquaculture are two forms of farming (with a focus on economic activities)
4. Biodiversity is a concept that refers to the variety of
5. Transportation (infrastructure)
6. Housing, agricultural, metropolitan, and regional planning
7. Creation of the Group
8. Power building and governance
9. Good health
10. Small and medium-sized businesses
11. Availability of water
12. Inventive+ phrasing vigor (electricity)
13. Information and communication technology
14. Vocational education (with focus on employment generation)
15. Sanitation and waste management
16. Industry on a large scale
17. Minerals that are strong
18. Tourism is a rising industry.
(19.) Assistance to the poor
20. Community, Athletics, and the Arts
21. Job opportunities for women and youth
22. Preventing conflicts
23. Instruments of finance and access
24. Promotion of investment

Salary composition of the NDDC

Niger Delta Development Council (NDDC) employees earn an average of 118,617 Naira per month. This information was gathered by five Niger Delta Development Council employees (NDDC). Computer Operator, Front Desk Officer, Secretary, Excavator Operator, and Accountant 1 are among the positions accessible. Based on salary submissions, the gender distribution at the Niger Delta Development Council (NDDC) is male (40 percent), female (60 percent), and unspecified (0 percent ).

Computer Operator89,000 Naira/month
Front Desk Officer53,000 Naira/month
Secretary32,000 Naira/month
Excavator Operator105,000 Naira/month

Since the start of oil exploration in the Niger Delta, most communities have encountered little respite; their streams are being poisoned on a daily basis, contaminating their drinking water and destroying their primary source of income, fishing.

The Then-President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo, saw how communities in the Niger Delta were being degraded without sufficient compensation for the citizens of this region, who have continued to maintain and contribute to the most revenue to the federal government.

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