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Nigerian Navy Recruitment 2021-2022 Application Form | This is to notify all Nigerians that the Nigerian Navy has started a new intake of qualified candidates to fill up vacant positions across the Nation.

Today, we’ll show you how to apply for a spot in the Nigerian Navy for the year 2021.


The Nigerian Navy is currently accepting applications from suitably eligible applicants for a recruitment exercise. Do you want to apply and learn more about the Nigerian Navy firsthand? This page will be updated on a regular basis with important details about the Nigerian Navy.

Before we go any further, we’d like to point out that the Nigerian Navy Recruitment is free, and you don’t have to pay someone who claims to be able to help you get a job.

Nigerian Navy Recruitment IN NIGERIA

The Nigerian Navy is part of the Nigerian Armed Forces.. This unit is part of one of the largest armies on the African continent, with thousands of troops and coast guard staff.

After the merger of the southern and northern protectorates in 1914, the Nigerian Navy was created from the Nigerian marine.

They were mostly in charge of ports and harbours, channel dredging, lighting, and voyages at the time.

In July 1959, the Nigerian Naval Force was renamed and granted permission to act as a naval force. As a result, Queen Elizabeth II has approved the use of the name “The Royal Nigerian Navy” for the army.

Since Nigeria became a republic state in 1963, the name was officially changed to “The Nigerian Navy,” as it is known today.


This branch of the Armed Forces was established to fill a security gap in the country, and it includes the following elements:

1. Anti-Foreign-Attack Defense:

It is self-evident that the primary role of any nation’s Navy is to protect and secure the country’s security. In a similar situation, the Nigerian Navy’s primary mission is to defend the Nigerian nation from any danger that might arise within its borders.

Nigeria is blessed with vast bodies of water, which serve as her borders, and from which pirates and militants can launch attacks.

As a result, the Nigeria Navy defends the country from such assaults. The Navies are commonly referred to as “the water Armies” because of this obligation.

2. Duties of the Cost Guard

The Nigerian Navy’s cost guard is responsible for the following duties:

Customs regulations and laws are strictly followed.

Before joining the military, teach other men what they need to know.

3. Military transparency

They join forces with other military units to establish a greater force projection and maintain power balance.


Requirements and Qualifications for Nigerian Navy Recruitment in 2021.

Before applying for this vacancy, you must first consider the criteria and qualifications set forth by the Nigerian Navy.

These are very relevant conditions, and applicants who do not meet them should not apply or their application would be rejected. Please see the qualifications mentioned below.

Previous orthopedic surgery, short sight, ear issue, flat foot, fracture, stammering, less than the acceptable height (1.70 for males and 1.67 for females) and any natural impairment are all prevented from applying.

  • First and foremost, the candidate must be a Nigerian with a legitimate form of identification.
  • In addition, the applicant must have a WASSC certificate.
  • Candidates must have earned an Ordinary National Diploma (OND).
  • Both applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 22 or 18 and 26 whether they have an ND, NCE, Nurses, or Motor Transport Department certificate (MTD).
  • Applicants with an O Level or an OND are eligible for this role.
  • Your first high school diploma is required (First Sch. Leaving Cert.)
  • Applicants must be in good physical and mental health to participate in this activity.
  • You must be a resident of Nigeria.
  • Male candidates must be at least 1.68 meters tall, while female candidates must be at least 1.65 meters tall.
  • You should be single.
  • Please do not apply if you have had orthopedic surgery.
  • Do not apply if you have been tried in a court of law.
  • Please do not apply if you are pregnant.
  • All certificates must be shown in their original state.
  • Finally, other criteria can be found on the official recruitment site –

How to Apply for the Nigerian Navy Recruitment 2021: A Step-by-Step Guide

All you have to do is visit the application portal and read the job description and specifications. As previously mentioned, if you do not meet the website’s requirements, you can not proceed with the application.

  • Connect to the internet
  • Join the Nigerian Navy at
  • When the portal opens, go to and click on register.
  • The Nigerian Navy would appreciate it if you read all of the details carefully.
  • Use a valid email address to create an account. This email address should be checked.
  • Return to the Nigerian Navy recruitment form by logging in again.
  • Fill in your bio information properly, and upload all scanned copies of your papers.
  • Print the Parent/Guardian Consent Form, Local Authority Attestation Form, Police
  • Certification Form, and Guarantor Form after submitting the application form.

Create an account on the website, validate it, and begin filling out the application form with the correct information. When filling out the online application form, be careful not to make any errors.

Candidates for the Nigerian Navy Recruitment Interview in 2021/2022 have been shortlisted.

All applicants who found their names on the Nigerian Navy list of successful candidates should be aware that an aptitude test and an interview will be held sooner rather than later, and all candidates must attend this NN interview at the Nigerian Navy Secondary School Ojo (Navy Town), LAGOS, which we will keep you updated on.

How will the interview with the Nigerian Navy go?

All applicants will be subjected to a mandatory screening in which their credentials or qualifications, as well as all records, will be extensively scrutinized.

Following the screening, you will be exposed to a medical test as well as an examination. Many of the above forms of screening are done in steps, and you must be extremely patient.

The following things should be carried with you on the day of your screening:

  • Their certificates, both originals and photocopies
  • Photocopies and originals of a valid driver’s license (Category H only).
  • Materials for writing.
  • Two pairs of navy blue shorts and two white T-shirts (unmarked).
  • A pair of canvas/trainer trainers, as well as stockings.
  • Pillowcases and bedsheets
  • A cutlery set is a set of cutlery that includes knives, fork
  • On a white backdrop, four (4) recent 30X30 passport-sized portraits.

Please bear in mind that

  • To avoid being disqualified at any point, the Nigerian Navy will conduct an individual interview with each applicant. You should prepare for it and make sure you meet the eligibility criteria.
  • At this point, the Nigerian Navy will carefully cross-check all details you have provided so far, and if found to be false, false, or incorrect, you may be disqualified.
  • You should make every effort to provide accurate medical records; providing false information can result in disqualification.
  • It should be noted that everyone is expected to attend and participate in this screening; if they do not, they will be disqualified.

Nigerian Navy Recruitment Screening Dates and Exam Centers for 2020/2021

It’s no secret that the Nigerian Navy will conduct exams for you, dubbed the Aptitude Test. If you pass this aptitude test, you will be admitted to Nigerian Navy Secondary School.
Lagos, Ojo (Navy Town) School

We’ll post the date as soon as it’s available.

Exam Locations:

We have now successfully compiled all of the Nigerian Navy’s screening centers throughout the country. All you have to do is become acquainted with some of these centers that are closest to you.

Serial States Centers
1 Abia State Nigerian Navy Finance and Logistics School, Owerinta
2 Abuja Mogadishu Cantonment
3 Abuja Yakubu Gowon Barrack (Mambilla Barrack)
4 Adamawa 23Bde NA Gibson Jalo Cantonment Yola
5 Akwa Ibom NNS JUBILEE, Ikot Abasi
6 Anambra 302 Field Arty Regt NA, Onitsha
7 Bauchi NA Armoured Corp and Centre
8 Benue 72 Paratrooper Bn NA, Makurdi
9 Borno 21 Bde NA Maimalari Cantonment, Maiduguri
10 Cross River NNS VICTORY, Calabar
11 Delta State NNS DELTA, Warri
12 Edo Ekenwa Barrack Benin
13 Enugu HQ 82 Div NA, Abakpa Barrack, Enugu
14 Imo 34 Arty Bde NA, Obinze Barrack
15 Kaduna NDA Old Site
16 Kaduna NAF Base Kaduna
17 Kaduna HQ 1 DIV NA, Kawo Kaduna
18 Kaduna 312 Artillery Regt NA, Kalapanzin Barrack, Kakuri
19 Kano NAF Base Kano
20 Katsina 35 Inf Bn NA, Katsina
21 Kogi HQ CAR NA, Maigumeri Barrack
22 Kwara NNSHS Offa
23 Lagos Nigerian Navy Primary School Mobil Road Apapa
24 Lagos NNS QUORRA, Apapa, Lagos
25 Nasarawa 117 Bn NA, Keffi
26 Ondo State 323 Arty Regt Akure
27 Oyo State HQ 2 Mech Div NA, Ibadan
28 Rivers State Nigerian Navy Basic and Training School, Onne
29 Sokoto State 26 Motorized Bn Giginya Barracks Sokoto

One of the ways to access and score a country’s growth is to look at how stable it is. A nation that does not offer protection to its citizens is not a good country. As a consequence, stability plays a key role in a country’s growth. A country without protection is not a good place to do business, and foreigner alliances are virtually impossible to establish because no one wants to risk his life for the sake of profit.


Nigerian Naval Forces

To ensure a safe country where everyone can exercise their human freedom (rights to travel, life, and speech, for example), there are a number of security personnel who should ensure that all people are safe in terms of their lives and property under normal circumstances. Nigerian Armed Forces (Soldiers, Airforce, Navy), Nigerian Police, Civil Defence, and others are among these security agencies.

The navy of the Nigerian Armed Forces will be discussed in detail in this report.


The Nigerian Navy has been made handicapped and inactive in the field of water patrols and proper surveillance as a result of years of government negligence. As a result, crime on the water becomes the norm, with smuggling, oil bunkering, kidnapping, and militancy being major issues plaguing the country’s riverine regions. As a result of these events, a strategy for revolution and the reemergence of this part of the Nigerian Navy was conceived.

As a result, military vehicles and armaments have been purchased for its empowerment. The following items were acquired:

On September 3, 2018, the Nigerian Navy commissioned six ocean-going patriot vessels and ten small boats. The Nigerian Navy had previously purchased seven FPBs. The Nigerian Navy has six ocean fast patriot vessels, ten small boats, and seven FPB boats in total. Wikipedia claims so.


The Nigerian Navy is divided into two commands: headquarters and divisional commands.

1. The Headquarters of the Nigerian Navy


The Nigerian Navy headquarters is the organ in charge of formulating policies and carrying out the naval force’s administrative functions. The Chief of Naval Staff is in charge of the headquarters.

Policy and Planning, Administration, Operation and Training, Logistics, Standard and Safety, Naval Engineering, and Account and Budget are the seven other departments attached to the chief of naval staff’s headquarters.


2. Commands of Divisions


The Western Naval Command is in charge of the coastal and maritime area between Nigeria and Benin. It extends from the Nigerian coast to the EEZ nation’s border. Apapa, Lagos State, serves as the command’s headquarters.


The Eastern Naval Command is the Nigerian Navy’s second divisional command. Calabar, the capital of Cross River State, is home to the Eastern divisional headquarters. From the Delta to the Nigerian-Cameroonian border, this division is responsible. Also, from Nigeria’s coast to the country’s EEZ cap.


The Nigerian Navy’s third divisional headquarters, the Central Naval Command, is based in Lagos. The Benin River entry, Bayelsa, Edo, and Delta coastal areas are all under the watchful eye of this divisional command. It also includes the landward state of Nigeria. This division’s headquarters are in Yanagoa, Bayelsa county.




It’s necessary to remember that government parastatals’ salaries are determined by their levels and ranks, and the Nigerian Navy is no exception. The following are their grades and pay scales:


Ranks in the Nigerian Navy for Commissioned Officers

Admiral of the Fleet



Rear Admiral




Lieutenant Commander



Acting Sub-Lieutenant



Non-commissioned officer ranks in the Nigerian Navy

Chief Petty Officer (Warrant)

Chief Petty Officer

Petty Officer

Ranks and Salary Structure in the Nigerian Navy


Nigerian Navy Rank Salary (per annum) Salary (per month)
Admiral ₦16,303,140 ₦1,358,595
Vice-Admiral ₦13,363,229 ₦1,113,602
Rear Admiral ₦12,038,945 ₦1,003,245
Commodore ₦7,385,856 ₦615,488
Captain ₦3,715,859 ₦309,655
Commander ₦3,380,086 ₦281,674



If applicable, attach the appropriate documents and submit your application.

Last but not least, all successful candidates will be informed via email.


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