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Application Form & Platform for Nigerian Air Force Recruitment 2021/2022 | This page contains instructions on how to apply for the ongoing Nigerian Air Force recruitment exercise, as well as other important material for the NAF Recruitment 2021.

However, applying for NAF Recruitment 2021 is not a difficult task; anything you need to know will be mentioned on this page one by one. First and foremost, the Nigerian Air Force has specific criteria and documentation that must be met before you can apply for the position.

Nigerian Air Force Recruitment online registration will begin on March 1, 2021, and will end on March 31, 2021.

Nigerian Navy Qualification

NCE, OND, and Secondary School diplomas are required (SSCE)

As an organized force, the Nigerian Airforce trains, plans, and equips its personnel to help keep the nation’s airspace clear of any possible threat to lives and property.

If you want to develop a strong career on a stable foundation with job security, I recommend that you look into NAF.

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How to Apply for Airmen and Airwomen in the Nigerian AirForce.

We’ll give you the step-by-step instructions you’ll need to apply for a place in the Nigerian Airforce. Continue reading to learn more.

If you have a degree, such as an HND or BSC, you will not be able to apply unless you claim that you do not own those degrees, because if you scale through the application process, NAF will not take those certificates into account.

2021/2022 Nigerian Air Force Recruitment General Guidance

Physically fit Nigerians are qualified to join the Nigerian Airforce. If they think an applicant has a disability, they would not consider him or her. Join us as we look at a few more general instructions:

1. Nationality: When you apply, I’m assuming you were born in Nigeria. It is the most important criterion.

2. Age: Make sure you’re not over the age limit; it’s explicitly specified that non-tradesmen/women must be between the ages of 18 and 22, and tradesmen/women must be between the ages of 18 and 25. Applicants for assistant chaplains/assistant imams, as well as drivers, must be between the ages of 18 and 28.

3. Marital Status: To succeed as a new recruit in the Nigerian Airforce, you must have a focused mind rather than dividend attention, so all applicants must be single.

4. Height: If you don’t fulfill these criteria, you’ll be disqualified, so the minimum height is 1.66 meters (5.4 feet) for men and 1.63 meters (5.3 feet) for women.

5. Physical Fitness: All applicants must meet the Nigerian Airforce’s medical and job requirements. Only physically fit people are expected to apply.


The following are additional Nigerian Air Force Recruitment requirements:

  • All of your academic credentials must be shown.
  • All relevant records, such as a birth certificate or a declaration of age, should have been obtained at least four years prior.
  • Some types include educational/trade certificates.
  • A certificate of indigenous status from your own state is necessary to prove that you are a native of that state.
  • Local Government Area Type Attestation
  • Materials for Publishing (for aptitude test)
  • Parent/Guardian Consent Form Attestation

Academic/Professional Criteria for NAF Recruitment 2021:

1. Non-Tradesmen and Women: Would you like to apply as a Non-Tradesman or Woman? Here are the educational criteria you must fulfill;

  • A minimum of 5 credits in SSCE/NECO/GCE/NABTEB, including Mathematics and English Language, is required. Letters of recommendation from their colleges are also needed.

2. Tradesmen/women: All interested Tradesmen/women applicants must meet the minimum criteria mentioned below:

  • .ND (with a minimum of Lower Credit), NABTEB, RN/RM/NCE, or City & Guild Certificate are all required.
  • Candidates with only a Trade Test Certificate (including drivers) must also have a minimum of two GCE/SSCE/NECO passes, one of which must be in the English Language.

Do you want to join the Nigerian Navy?


Recruitment Process for the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) in 2021/2022:

Successfully applying for any job as an Airman or Airwoman implies that you have received all of the relevant details about the recruitment process.

The following are the steps to completing the Nigerian Air Force Recruitment process:

  • First and foremost, strive to comprehend the qualities that the Nigerian Airforce is looking for in all applicants, both male and female.
  • Determine if you meet the educational criteria and whether you have the necessary qualifications.
  • Also, see whether any records, such as a birth certificate or a letter from the local government, are readily accessible.
  • When filling out the form online, you must scan and upload all necessary documents.
  • Wait a few weeks after submitting your application for the names of shortlisted/successful candidates to be published.

NAF Recruitment is open for 2021/2022 – Official

The Nigerian Airforce has come out and stated unequivocally that all of its ongoing recruitment processes are totally “free of charge” and carried out in an equitable and open manner across the country.

Any person who gives you the idea or promises that you will be hired only if you pay a certain fee is a con artist.

Please do not deal with someone or anyone who demands money from you. You are doing it at your own risk.

All future candidates for the Nigerian Airforce’s Trades/Non-Trades Men and Women can apply for free, as all federal government jobs are.


How to Apply for the Nigerian Airforce Recruitment Form 2021/2022


Nigerian Airforce online registration will begin on March 1, 2021, and will end on March 31, 2021. When the next application is available, we will notify you.

Try to read the instructions before filling out the application form.

The NAF’s list of famous candidates for the years 2021-2022 is as follows:

All Nigerian Airforce candidates who have been shortlisted will be expected to report to the NAF base in Kawo, Kaduna state. You must submit reports in accordance with the batches to which you were allocated.

The following things should be brought with you:

  • their certificates, both originals, and photocopies
  • two white hoodies,
  • two pairs of blue PT shorts,
  • a pair of canvas shoes, a pair of canvas shoes, a pair of canvas shoes,
  • along with four passport images

How To Check NAF Recruitment Second List Of Shortlisted Candidates 2021/2022 Right Now, Step By Step

The following are a few easy steps to see if your name is on the Nigerian Navy’s list of shortlisted/successful candidates:

  • is the website of the Nigerian Air Force.
  • There are directions for checking it.
  • To double-check your names, remember to enter your application number.


On April 18, 1964, the Nigerian Air Force was formed with technical assistance from West Germany. Following the passage of the 1964 Air Force Act, it was officially formed as the Nigerian armed forces’ air division. The Nigerian Air Force, with over 10,000 commissioned and non-commissioned personnel and the slogan “Willing… Able… Ready,” is undoubtedly one of Africa’s largest.

Military transport aircraft, 12 Chinese ChengduF-7s, protected helicopters, 12 Embraer EMB 314 Super Tucano, and 11 Dassault-Dornier Alpha Jets are among the Nigerian Air Force’s many aircraft. The Nigerian Air Force is headquartered in Abuja, in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), and is led by President Muhammadu Buhari and Air Mashal Sadique Abubakar, respectively, as Commander-in-Chief and Chief of the Air Staff.

What are the Nigerian Air Force’s responsibilities?

The Nigerian Air Force is organized as a tactical air force that performs a variety of tasks.

  • Protection of the Air
  • Transportation by Air
  • Operations Against the Air
  • Air Support at a Close Range
  • Prohibition
  • Reece’s Air
  • Operation Maritime

The Nigerian Air Force has a number of roles that are enshrined in its constitutions as a military organization. Here are some of the functions:

  • To supply and prepare special operations units.
  •  equip and supply air mobility forces.
  • To have powers to protect Nigeria’s airspace.
  •  prepare forces for air combat operations by training and supplying them.
  • In the event that Nigeria is attacked by air, to defend the region.
  • Forces will be provided for Joint Air Transported Operations.
  • In order to provide facilities for electronic warfare operations.
  • Aerial photography forces will be trained and supplied.
  • To prepare and supply forces for refueling flights.
  • In Air Force operations, to establish in accordance with protocol.
  • To collaborate with other forces in order to protect the airspace.

What is the Nigerian Air Force’s strength?

The strength of the Nigerian Air Force lies in its personnel and aircraft numbers.. About 18,500 soldiers now serve in the Nigerian Air Force.. There are 15,900 Airmen and Airwomen, as well as 2,600 officers, in this group.


What is the NAF Recruitment 2021 primary mission?

The Nigerian Air Force has four primary roles, all of which are sponsored by the 1964 statutory act of Parliament, which was approved by the Nigerian parliament in 1962 for the establishment of the Nigerian Air Force and the recruitment of personnel. Some of the functions include:

  • To ensure that the Armed Forces can operate rapidly and easily.
  • complete the national defense framework of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, both in the air and on the ground.
  • To bestow on the country the deserved reputation that is so important in international relations.
  • Ensure the territorial integrity of a united Nigeria by providing close support to land and sea forces in all phases of operations.

As a result of the Nigerian Air Force’s growth, the Federal Government issued Decree 105 (Armed Forces Amendment Decree) in 1994, which introduced new functions to the Nigerian Air Force. These extra duties include:

Enforcing and assisting in the coordination of international law, treaties, procedures, and customs relating to aerial or space operations in Nigerian airspace that Nigeria has ascribed and acceded to.
Nigeria has acceded to or ascribed to both national and international air rules, which are organized and implemented.
All serial surveys and security zones of the Nigerian airspace are delineated, demarcated, and coordinated.

The Nigerian Air Force pays a monthly wage.

The National Salary, Incomes, and Wages Commission sets the salaries of the Nigerian Air Force, as well as all other civil servants in the country (NSIW). Their compensation is frequently based solely on the Wage Structure of the Consolidated Armed Forces (CONAFSS). Personnel in the Nigerian Air Force are paid equally according to their rank, with total earnings varying from…

The pay structure of non-commissioned/enlisted personnel in the Nigerian Air ForceSalary structure of commissioned/enlisted personnel in the Nigerian Air ForceSalary structure of commissioned/enlisted personnel in the Nigerian Air ForceSalary structure of commissioned/enlisted personnel in the Nigerian Air ForceSalary structure of commissioned/enlisted personnel in the Nigerian Air ForceSalary structure of commissioned/enlisted personnel

Marshal of the Air Force –

Vice-Marshal of the Air Force –

Commodore of the Air Force –

Captain of the group –

Commander of a Wing –

Squadron Leader – an individual who is in charge of a squadron

Lieutenant (Flight) –

Officer of the Air Force –

From the highest to the lowest level, the salary of all non-commissioned officers in the Nigerian Air Force is listed below:

Officer of the Air Force –

a Master Warrant Officer is a person who holds the rank of Master Warrant Officer

Officer of the Warrant –

Sergeant of Staff –

– Sergeant

Corporal – a member of the armed forces.

Corporal (Lance) –

Air Craftsman is a job title for anyone who works in the aviation industry.

What are the various categories of Air Force branches?

The Nigerian Air Force has nine staff divisions that are all engaged in policy formulation for the effective and productive deployment of airpower. The following are some of the worker’s branches:

  • Plans and policies
  • Engineering of Aircraft
  • Communication and Logistics
  • Operations and Training
  • In control of the administration
  • Budgeting and Accounting
  • Medical Assistance
  • Secretary of the Air Force
  • Evaluation and Standards

The Nigerian Air Force recently added two new staff branches: Air Training Command and Ground Training Command, both of which have headquarters in Kaduna and Enugu, respectively.

The Nigerian Air Force is divided into branches, each of which is led by a branch chief who reports directly to the Chief of Air Staff.

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