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SPW Recruitment 2021-2022 | The Special Public Works Programme in Nigeria has begun the recruitment of new applicant to fill some various position in her Organization


For applicants who are ready to enroll for the ongoing SPW Recruitment exercise, a special Public Works Programme Application Form is now available. The Special Public Works Programme’s official website is www.specialpublicworks.gov.ng. Please read the following SPW Recruitment information carefully before applying for this role.

SPW Recruitment (Special Public Works) Software

Finally, President Muhammadu Buhari has approved the hiring of 774, 000 Nigerians as part of the country’s SPW Recruitment program. In addition, to minimize the effects of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to Nigeria’s high unemployment rate, President Buhari has agreed to approve the SPW Recruitment in order to assist those who live mainly in the country’s rural areas.

Thousands of people will be chosen from each LGA for this task, which will last for three months.

Salary Framework for SPWs

The amount of twenty thousand naira (N20,000) will be paid to applicants who are considered for this job during the cost of this work, as previously announced.

From October 1st, 2020, the program will begin. As a result, interested candidates are encouraged to prepare and track this website for crucial details about the 2021. SPW Recruitment, as we will do our best to keep you updated on the latest developments while you wait for the program to officially begin.

What is the aim of the Special Public Works Program – SPW Recruitment?

One of the NDE’s four (4) core services is the SPW Recruitment Department. It aims to recognize and maximize job opportunities in the public works sector by bringing together unemployed skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled workers to work on utility, environmental, infrastructure improvement, and sanitation projects. The program supports plans for mass jobs.

All you need to know About SPW Recruitment

specialpublicworks.gov.ng is the website for the Special Public Works Programme (SPW).

The federal government’s brainchild is SPW Recruitment. Remember how the government vowed to provide jobs for the people during the campaign? Special Public Works (SPW) has been developed through the National Directorate of Employment to fulfill all of these promises (NDE).

Engagement will be a priority.

  • Those who will most Drainage and a little clearing
  • Irrigation Canals will be cleared by Nigerians working here.
  • They will ensure that the Rural Feeder Roads are well maintained.
  • The Great Green Wall Nurseries and Orchards are kept in good working order.
  • They can assist in traffic control.
  • Another area of involvement is maintaining weed management along federal highways and other regions.
  • Street cleaning and solar street light panel repairs will be undertaken on a daily basis to keep our community safe.
  • Cleaning of public facilities such as health clinics and schools
  • Public infrastructure repair and renovation, as well as special public works (SPW) Requirements for 774,000 people in 2021/2022

The following are the criteria that must be given or met:

  • You must be a Nigerian from a specific local government in Nigeria.
  • Your local government should provide you with an identification card.
  • You should have some kind of identification, such as a voting card or national ID card, a driver’s license, or something similar.
  • Applicants should be able to put in the effort and step outside of your comfort zone.
  • Only people aged 18 and up can apply.
  • You must be well-mannered.



  • Clearing and digging for drainage
  • Clearance of irrigation canals
  • Maintenance of rural feeder roads
  • Street sweeping and traffic management
  • Cleaning of public infrastructure, such as health centers and schools.
  • Official Website for the Special Public Works Programme (SPW) Recruitment.

Be cautious of websites and people who ask you to pay money in order to get this job. Specialpublicworks.gov.ng is the official website for the SPW Recruitment. All applications must be submitted via the above-mentioned portal.

How to Apply for SPW Recruitment in the Year 2021

The State Selection Committees will contact leaders of churches, mosques, parking lots, markets, palaces, and communities to assemble a list of people who actually live in the area.

  • Visit the following website to register for SPW Recruitment:
  • Registration is available at https://specialpublicworks.gov.ng/site/?page id=12267.
  • You will be able to view a map and find your local government/state of origin.
  • Another thing to look up on the website is the names and phone numbers of the different government-created committees in your local government.
  • Visit ⇾ specialpublicworks.gov.ng for more information on the special public works program.

Note: Special Public Works positions are only open to those who are willing to work; there will be no space for those who are only interested in the money, and they will be nowhere to be found on site at the end of the day.

Second, there is no way to apply twice with the Special Public Works program. Each slot is available to one person from any of Nigeria’s 774 local governments.

The job vacancies are uniformly distributed through Nigeria’s local governments. Approximately 1000 people would be hired for each. So get ready and submit as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions about Public Works Recruitment

What is the wage for the FG Special Public Works Program?

Remember that each local government area will only be able to hire 1000 qualified Nigerians. If you are fortunate enough to be chosen at the end, you will receive 20,000 naira per month.


Why do you pay less than the minimum wage?

The government aims to use the initiative to put a smile on the faces of the youth because of the high rate of unemployment and widespread poverty.

The federal government can only pay 20,000 naira, which is much less than the minimum wage. We assume they are only interested in not investing a large amount of money in the program because of other similar ventures that have already devoured billions of Naira.

Second, special public work (SPW) is not a standard job program; it is simply a way of moving money to help close the gap between the wealthy and the poor in society. Note that many Nigerians, especially in rural areas, survive on less than $1 per day, which is extremely poor.

Why do you go to banks?

To prevent fraud from multiple registrations, the government would use bank accounts with only a single BVN number. Here, it is important to keep track of who receives money and to track the flow of money through bank accounts.

States Required to Apply for the SPW Recruitment Form for the Special Public Works Program

Abia StateUmuahia
Adamawa StateYola
Akwa Ibom StateUyo
Anambra StateAwka
Bauchi StateBauchi
Bayelsa StateYenagoa
Benue StateMakurdi
Borno StateMaiduguri
Cross River StateCalabar
Delta StateAsaba
Ebonyi StateAbakaliki
Edo StateBenin City
Ekiti StateAdo-Ekiti
Enugu StateEnugu
Federal Capital TerritoryAbuja
Gombe StateGombe
Imo StateOwerri
Jigawa StateDutse
Kaduna StateKaduna
Kano StateKano
Katsina StateKatsina
Kebbi StateBirnin Kebbi
Kogi StateLokoja
Kwara StateIlorin
Lagos StateIkeja
Nasarawa StateLafia
Niger StateMinna
Ogun StateAbeokuta
Ondo StateAkure
Osun StateOshogbo
Oyo StateIbadan
Plateau StateJos
Rivers StatePort Harcourt
Sokoto StateSokoto
Taraba StateJalingo
Yobe StateDamaturu
Zamfara StateGusau

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