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INEC Recruitment 2021-2022 Application Form | The long-awaited 2021 Independent National Electoral Commission recruitment 2021 is now open for applications. See the table below for more information.

The aim of this advertisement is to highlight the new job openings at the Independent National Electoral Commission. The recruiting unit posted this advertisement a few days ago.

Today, we will show you how to apply for the Independent National Electoral Commission recruitment 2021 and provide you with some useful information.

Is the INEC Recruitment Platform for 2021 Open?

Yes, the Independent National Electoral Commission recruitment has opened an application portal for the 2021 election, and interested candidates are encouraged to apply before the deadline. All are welcome to use the portal as long as they meet the recruitment criteria. Are you wondering about the requirements? Keep calm; we’ll show it soon.

How much would it cost to apply to the INEC Recruitment?

This is another issue that has been bothering many candidates because they have seen a lot of advertisements asking for money in order to hire them into the INEC Recruitment or guarantee them a place in the organization.

Please notice that the INEC recruitment for 2021 is absolutely open. Ignore someone or any website that asks for money to get you into the company.

INEC Recruitment Qualifications and Requirements for 2021

This is another section where you must pay close attention. Read the following conditions before applying for the INEC recruitment in 2021:

  • To begin, applicants must be Nigerian citizens.
  • Secondly, the applicant must have a WASSCE certificate of at least 5 credit passes in the core subjects and must have taken the exam only once.
  • Furthermore, candidates must be able to communicate effectively.
  • All applicants must have a bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • Last but not least, it must not be disabled.

How to Apply for the INEC Recruitment in 2021

Are you unsure how you’ll go about applying for this position? Don’t worry, we’re here to assist you. To learn how to apply and submit your application successfully, please follow the steps below.

  • Please visit
  • Create an account using your active email address and a password that you can easily remember or write down.
  • Choose your favorite place/position.
  • Partially read the work description and specifications.
  • Fully and apply the online application.

Do you want to know what’s going on with the Independent National Electoral Commission? Every day, search this website for any new details.

Candidates who meet the work criteria will almost certainly be shortlisted and invited to the interview via email or SMS.

INEC Recruitment Salary Structure

When you want to work for INEC, it’s natural to wonder, “How much does INEC pay?” “It’s fantastic that you have an idea of how much you’ll be paying as a full-time employee, Adhoc employee, and so on when you’re finally hired.

Assistant presiding officers/presiding officers

ELECTION Honoraria 7, 000.00
Feeding N1000.00 @ N500.00 per day
Transport to LGA N3000.00 per person
N11, 000.00
TRAINING Training Allowance N3000.00 @N1000.00 per Day
TOTAL N15, 500.00

INEC’s ad-hoc staff members’ pay structure
Adhoc workers function primarily to relieve permanent employees of their burdens and workload. They are referred to as contract employees.

When a new election is scheduled for the country as a whole, INEC adhoc staff is typically hired.

Job Role Employment/ grade level Salary (₦)
Supervisory Presiding Officer (SPO) at INEC GL 10 – 14 ₦ 1,060,833 – ₦2,101,600
Presiding officer (PO) / Assistant Presiding officer (APO) GL 07 ₦638,133 – ₦961,577
Registration Area Center (RAC) Manager GL 07 ₦ 638,133 – ₦961,577
Registration Area Technical Support (RATECH) GL 07 ₦638,133 – ₦961,577

INEC Recruitment Qualification and Salary Structure

Qualification Grade Level Salary Range per Annum
School Leavers Grade Level (GL 04) ₦376,194 – ₦497,000
Diploma Certificate Holders Grade Level (GL 07) ₦638,133 – ₦961,577
Graduates Grade Level (GL 08) ₦799,421 – ₦1,174,395
Director Grade Level (GL 14) ₦1,503,149 – ₦2,101,600

Duties of INEC Officials

They specifically supervise and perform particular offices such as the president, governors and their vice and deputies members, the Senate, and the House of Assembly, among others.

  • Before any elections, make sure that all political parties are properly registered.
  • Ensure that the affairs of political parties are conducted in full accordance with the laws.
  • Organize voter and civic engagement activities.
  • During the application process, there are a few popular blunders to avoid.

Most of the time, small errors are made when applying for INEC Recruitment is the reason why job seekers are unable to obtain the position they want. Here’s a list of things you should do right now to get this INEC Recruitment

  • Please do not wait until the deadline to make a move while the application portal is open, and you are aware that INEC recruitment is underway.
  • Also, register yourself or be present when they fill out the form for you to prevent any errors in the data you send.
  • Go over the specifications to make sure you understand them fully. Check to see if you have something in common with them.
  • Check for potential errors in all of the information you’ve provided.
  • Finally, don’t submit more than once. Multiple implementations should be avoided.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT THE INEC Recruitment to Avoid embarrassment during the interview

  • What is the meaning of the letter “INEC”?
  • When and how was the Commission established?
  • What is the name of the law that created INEC?
  • What is the meaning of the acronym “SIEC”?
  • What is the meaning of the letters “EMB”?
  • In Nigeria, how many Election Management Bodies are there?
  • What is INEC’s mission statement?
  • What is INEC’s Mission Statement?
  • What are the Commission’s core values?
  • What is the aim of INEC?
  • What is the size of the Commission?
  • What method is used to nominate members of the Commission?
  • Is it possible to suspend or dismiss the Chairman and National Commissioners from their positions?
  • What is the Chairman of INEC’s Role?
  • Who is Nigeria’s Chief Returning Officer?
  • What is the meaning of the letters “REC”?
  • INEC has a total of how many RECs?
  • What are the locations of the INEC offices?
  • What is INEC’s organizational structure?
  • What is the name of the person in charge of INEC’s office at the Local
  • Government Area (LGA) or Area Council?
  • What is the function of the Electoral Institute?
  • What is the location of the TEI?
  • What are the various types of officials hired by INEC as election Ad-Hoc staff?
  • In Nigeria, who is responsible for the election of Local Government/Area Councils?
  • Is the function of SIECs supervised by INEC?
  • Is there a Gender Policy at INEC?
  • In what ways does INEC foster diversity?
  • What media does the Commission employ to promote women’s political participation?
  • What is the EADR acronym?
  • What is the ICCES acronym for?
  • What are the functions and duties of ICCES?
  • What is the make-up of ICCES?
  • What is the meaning of the acronym NICVEP?
  • What is the make-up of NICVEP at different levels?
  • What are the aims of creating the NICVEP?
  • Is INEC collaborating on voter education with any other organizations or individuals?
  • In voter education, how does INEC collaborate with stakeholders?
  • How does one receive knowledge from INEC?
  • What are the ICCC’s responsibilities?
  • What media/tools does the Commission used to encourage different groups to participate in politics?
  • Membership of a political party/candidature/campaign
  • What is the concept of political affiliation?
  • What is the concept of a political party?

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