Oyo SUBEB Recruitment 2021/2022 Registration Form Portal Is Out

Oyo SUBEB Recruitment 2021-2022 Registration Form Portal Check and Apply for Oyo State Universal Basic Educational Board Recruitment 2021/2022 Academic year

Oyo SUBEB Recruitment 2021

The recruitment process for OYO SUBEB 2021/2022 has begun. In this article, we’ll go through how to apply for the Oyo State Universal Basic Education Board,

the Oyo State SUBEB website (https://oyostate.gov.ng/), Oyo State SUBEB teacher recruitment, criteria, and qualifications, as well as other relevant details.

The Oyo SUBEB recruitment process has started successfully. The aim of this year’s recruiting is to increase work prospects and lower the state’s unemployment rate.


So, if you’re interested in the Oyo State Subeb recruitment and want to apply, go to the OYO SUBEB recruitment website and fill out an application. You must also be aware of all the criteria, qualifications, and application procedures in order to be among the shortlisted candidates this year. Keep reading to find out more.

The Oyo State Universal Basic Education Board’s (Oyo SUBEB) mission is to promote a standardized, high-quality, and functional basic education system in the state.

The government of Oyo believes that with your support, the state will become a socially harmonious, economically vibrant, physically efficient, and aesthetically pleasing desired destination for all. So, what do you have to lose? You are one step away from being shortlisted if you know you have what it takes to be a teacher. Keep reading to find out more.

This page details the criteria that will boost your chances of being employed in the Oyo State Universal Basic Education Board’s recruitment process this year.


OYO SUBEB Recruitment 2021/2022 General Requirements

Take note of the following conditions if you choose to work full-time.

  • Applicants must be Nigerian citizens with a certificate from the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria for NCE holders.
  • Candidates must be able to interact efficiently and function well with others.
  • Excellent analytical skills and a strong team spirit
  • Basic computer application knowledge would be advantageous.
  • Interested candidates must be well-behaved and composed.
  • Holders of a B.Sc. or an HND will receive a NYSC certificate or a discharge certificate.
  • Candidates must have a valid driver’s license, National Identification Card, International passport, Voters card, or National Identification Number.
  • They must also have SSCE, NECO, or GCE credits in at least five subjects, including Mathematics and English.
  • Possession of a recognized institution’s B.SC, B.ED, HND, NCE, OND, or NCE certificate
  • Applicants for the Oyo State Universal Basic Education Board must be under the age of 35 at the time of registration.
  • Must be able to work in a different environment.
  • Applicants must be physically and mentally fit to be considered.
  • Should not have ever been convicted of a felony.
  • Birth certificate or age declaration certificate properly signed Certificate of State of Origin

How to Apply for OYO SUBEB 2021/2022 Recruitment

Follow the steps below to apply:

  • Visit https://oyostate.gov.ng/)/ to access the official recruitment portal and fill out the free application form.
  • Fill out the application form with your information (full names, permanent addresses, local government of residence, email/telephone address, date of birth, state of origin, nationality, marital status, academic qualifications, institutions attended, and course of study) and send it.
  • Please print the registration form.
  • Only those who have been shortlisted will be invited to the next stage of the recruitment process.
  • All applicants who have been shortlisted will be screened. You will be notified of the date and time by email.

OYO State Universal Basic Education Board Often Asked Questions and Answers

1. Is OYO SUBEB currently recruiting for 2021?

The Oyo State Government hires people on a regular basis. Candidates who are interested in working for the Oyo State Universal Basic Education Board can go to https://oyostate.gov.ng/ and fill out an online application.

2. What is the procedure for applying for OYO SUBEB Recruitment 2021?

To apply, go to https://oyostate.gov.ng/ and apply via the Oyo State Universal Basic Education Board recruitment portal. Once you’ve been chosen, you’ll have access to life-changing opportunities.

3. What is the deadline for OYO SUBEB Recruitment 2021/2022?

The registration deadline for the Oyo State Universal Basic Education Board recruitment 2021/2022 has yet to be announced. We’ll let you know as soon as it’s made public. If you want to be informed of the latest updates, return to this website on a regular basis.


As soon as the Oyo SUBEB recruitment form is released, this page will automatically update. We suggest bookmarking or saving this page and returning to it on a regular basis, as the form is expected to be published soon, and we will update it as soon as it is.

Continue to visit this website on a regular basis to stay informed. Please contact us if you have any concerns about the Oyo State Universal Basic Education Board recruitment 2021. The team at Top Nigerian Jobs will get back to you as soon as possible.


Oyo SUBEB Recruitment vision

Promotion of a basic education system that is uniform, high-quality, and realistic..

Oyo SUBEB Recruitment Mission

We will serve as an interventionist, organizing and tracking Local Government Universal Basic Education Authorities in order to enhance and extend access to high-quality basic education in Oyo State.

Oyo SUBEB Recruitment Objectives

  • Providing every Nigerian child of school age with a free, universal basic education;
  • Developing a deep sense of obligation for education among all people, as well as a strong commitment to its vigorous promotion;
  • Ensure acceptable levels of literacy, numeracy, communicative, and life skills;
  • Maintain and supplement the current educational system, bodies, and institutions for the purpose of realizing the Board’s mission; and
  • Carry out the policy recommendations prescribed by the Universal Basic Education Commission.



  • Coordination and execution of Action/Rolling Plans for all UBEC/SUBEB Intervention Projects;
  • Coordination of Consultants’ activities for UBEC-assisted Teachers Professional Development Training (TPDT);
  • Participating in the monitoring of UBEC Intervention in Special Education Projects; designing and implementing UBEC Intervention in Special Education Projects
  • handling basic education data/statistics.



  • Co-ordinating, supplying, delivering, and tracking instructional/recreational resources to public elementary schools;
  • co-ordinating special needs education programs for the physically and mentally challenged;
  • providing school library services; co-ordinating JETS, Guy, STAN, and other science/mathematics-related events in schools; co-ordinating athletic activities in schools;

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