Lagos SUBEB Recruitment 2021/2022 Registration Form Portal Is Out

Lagos SUBEB Recruitment 2021/2022 Registration Form | Lagos State Government has announced the recruitment of new teachers intake to up some available position in her State.


The Lagos state government is taking appropriate steps to enhance the quality of primary and secondary education in the state, as well as to ensure that the standard meets 21st century global standards.

If you have ever wanted to work for the Lagos state ministry of education, here is your chance to try out and see how it goes. The Lagos state government has given the Lagos SUBEB Recruitment 2021, permission to fill various vacancies in the state’s educational sector.

Lagos SUBEB Requirements/Qualifications for Teachers in Lagos State

Educational prerequisites:

There are a few requirements that must be met before applying for the Lagos SUBEB Recruitment 2021 for the current year, according to the Lagos state ministry of education. All applicants must first determine whether or not they meet the criteria.

The following are some of the Lagos SUBEB Recruitment 2021 requirements:

  • You have a Nigeria Certificate of Education (NCE) or other first-degree qualification.
  • It is preferable if you have a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed/B.Sc Ed/B.A Ed) in the arts, sciences, social sciences, technology, home economics, or some other
  • degree relevant to the subjects mentioned below.
  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A), Bachelor of Science (B.Sc), Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech), and a Post Graduate Diploma of Education are all examples of bachelor’s degrees (PGDE)
  • Higher National Diploma (HND) and Technical Teachers Certificate (TTC)/Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)

Lagos SUBEB Recruitment Normative requirements:

  • The highest age that is appropriate is 36.
  • You should have a way of identifying yourself (voters card, passport, drivers licence)
  • English Language, Mathematics, Christian Religious Studies, Vocational Education, Arts, and Foreign Languages are all subjects in which you can excel.
  • You must live in Lagos in order to complete your work on time.

The following are the areas where Lagos SUBEB Recruitment 2021will take place:

For Primary School

The Civic Education


English language
YORUBA Language
The Civic Education

How to Apply for Lagos SUBEB Recruitment 2021

It is recommended that you submit your application for the Lagos SUBEB Recruitment 2021 via the online portal.

  • Another thing to keep in mind is your NYSC discharge certificate.
  • If you are a graduate looking for work in the government, your NYSC certificate would almost certainly be required by the Nigerian constitution.
  • Finally, you must be a Lagos citizen with a physical address within the state to apply.

More Information About Lagos SUBEB Recruitment

Lagos is now Africa’s most populous city, and its education system is faced with all of the problems that come with such a rapidly rising and critical megacity. Lagos State has the largest and most powerful private sector in the world, which is unquestionably a source of strength and great potential for the state. This is also true in the education sector, where private schools account for up to 60% of students. Although this simplifies the role of the state government in providing education to millions of children, it also poses significant challenges in both public and private schools, as these children should receive a high-quality education that prepares them to be strong, self-reliant, diverse, democratic, egalitarian, and full of opportunities for society.

Despite the many challenges that the state basic education sector faces, infrastructure and equipment, library services, and staff capacity growth have all improved. As a result, students’ test results are gradually improving. This increased success has also been supported by the dedication and support of parents and the community.

The number of children in Lagos who need education is rapidly increasing, due to both natural population growth and migration from other states. The number of children needing public school education is rising as students from private schools seek to move to public schools, especially at the junior secondary level. The vast number strains the infrastructure, as shown by census data on basic education school facilities.

Lagos SUBEB Trains Teachers

The Lagos State Universal Basic Education Board has begun a five-day residential training on effective teaching and learning for teachers in inclusive units/special schools, in partnership with the Universal Basic Education Commission, in order to achieve functional inclusive education in the state.

Mr. Wahab Alawiye-King, the Executive Chairman of LASUBEB, said at the opening ceremony that the current administration’s education transformation agenda is everyone’s responsibility, emphasizing that to achieve inclusive education in the basic education field, cooperation, inspiration, and partnership are needed.

He went on to say, “As a State, we are very concerned about human growth, capacity building, and the influence of teachers.”

The Board will continue to motivate teachers in order to improve equality in learning and foster inclusivity, according to Alawiye-King.

In honor of International Women’s Day, the Executive Chairman praised teachers’ efforts in the education sector, especially those who promote awareness in special education units, and praised women in the teaching profession for their contributions to education in the State, noting that women make up 60% of the workforce.

Lagos SUBEB Improving Language

The Lagos State Government has partnered with USAID to provide educational learning materials to schools as part of efforts to promote the teaching and learning of languages in schools, especially Yoruba, the state’s dominant mother tongue.

The Honourable Commissioner for Education, Mrs. Folasade Adefisayo, stressed the importance of empowering the younger ones to learn the mother-tongue during the hand-over ceremony of Yoruba Early Grade Reading Materials, “Je Ka Kawe,” at the Lagos State Universal Basic Education Board, Maryland, today.

More teachers will be hired to improve teaching of the Yoruba Language, and tutorials on the subject will be increased in the curriculum, according to Adefisayo, who spoke extensively about the importance of parents encouraging their children to communicate and learn the Yoruba Language so that they will have a better understanding of their ethnic heritage.

The Commissioner lauded the commendable initiative and cooperation with USAID, noting that the gesture is a joint effort with far-reaching implications.

Earlier, Mr. Wahab Alawiye-King, Executive Chairman of the Lagos State Universal Basic Education Board (LASUBEB), noted that incorporating local languages into the educational system would not only improve students’ chances of survival, but will also aid and assist them in achieving academic success.

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