Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions


Starting on September 25th, 2021.

Terms of use

www.recruitmentcave.com (the “Site”) is operated and owned by recruitmentcave (Worldwide) Limited and is available to you subject to these terms and conditions. By accessing the Site and the Services accessible on it, you agree to this set of terms and conditions and other terms or conditions that specifically apply to the information and services provided by a third party.

Who are we, and how can you reach us

The Site is managed through Recruitmentcave UK (Worldwide) Limited (“We”, “Our” or “Us”). We are an unincorporated company.

For more information, complete our Contact Us form 

Protection of data

We use CVs, and our Privacy policy covers other personal information provided by visitors to this Site. Please visit this link to read our Privacy Policy.

Because our customers all over the globe can purchase access to our direct Search Database and, in turn, the recruitment company may also be located outside of the EU as well as in the European Economic Area (“EEA”), which means that disclosure and access could be carried out from and through third-party countries. Although certain countries are less protected by the law of protection for data, we will try to manage your data in line with this privacy policy wherever the data is stored.

Use of the Site

The services and information available on the website are offered to serve the sole purpose of those seeking employment opportunities and career information and employers looking to recruit employees. You are permitted to print and download any information you find on the site to fulfil these requirements only and not for any other commercial or personal use. You must not reproduce, display, or transfer or share any content from the site. Suppose you do or undertake any other unlawful processing of the information on the site. In that case, it will be considered to be a breach of the material terms in these conditions and terms that could, in the event of an individual customer, could cause us to cease the Services immediately upon notice in writing.

We expect courtesy from all applicants when they use our website and services. When accessing the Site or using the Services, you agree not to upload, publish or transmit via the Site or Services anything you believe (a) is infringing or violating on the rights of other users or any other person, which includes statements that could defame, harass or stalk others; (b) you know to be misleading, false, or incorrect; (c) contains blatant statements of bigotry, racism and offensive material such as hate speech, abuse or profanity; (d) is a source of or encourages pornography, sexually explicit content paedophilia or incest sexuality, or is otherwise offensive or sexually explicit; (e) violates any laws or promotes or gives guidance on dangerous, illegal or predatory behaviour or discusses illegal acts in the hope of committing these types of crimes; (f) advocates violent conduct or (g) is in our opinion the risk to the public or personal safety.

Additionally, we are entitled to suspend the services to you if we suspect that you have engaged in any unlawful information processing. Concerning any personal information accessed or processed by a customer due to access to the website or the Services the Customer acknowledges that it will be the sole controller of this personal information for the purposes that are set out in the Data Protection Act 2018 and as such, will be solely responsible for the processing.

All database rights, copyright,our third-party suppliers or weDatabaseDatabaseer IP rights on the site and in the content available on the site belong to us or our third-party suppliers. Utilizing the site doesn’t grant you any right to use the proprietary rights of this content.

Suppose our clients can provide evidence of proper documents, such as gender gap reports and the like. In that case, we offer the Equality Boost Logo that is displayed alongside the advertisement for jobs. The Equality Boost Logo aims to show how our clients strive to be gender-neutral they run their company and provide you with the chance to know what kind of company you could work for.

What’s the deal with these terms?

The terms for job seekers (the ” Recruitmentcave Terms”) provide the details applicable to those seeking jobs (the ” Recruitmentcaves”) who want to access the Site and who are bound by the terms of the contract (from now on called”the “Agreement”) between Us and you, on the other hand, are interested in or using any career-related service provided this Site as well as other web sites which include these Terms of Service and the mobile apps (“apps”) (collectively called in the following paragraphs as “Service” from now on). The websites and apps are collectively called “Platforms” from now on.

When you use the Site, you agree to these terms and conditions.

By accessing the Site by using it, you acknowledge that you agree with this Recruitmentcave Terms and Conditions and are willing to comply with them.

If you are not consenting with these Recruitmentcave Terms and Conditions, you may not access the Site.

We suggest that you print copies of the Recruitmentcave Terms to refer back to them in the future.

The subject of the agreement, to as. well as the nature of the Services

We provide a range of career assistance through the Platforms. We are here to serve as your career advisor for the rest of your life. If your outlook on life is changing and you’re developing or pursuing different goals, then we provide the best career assistance. We strive to create an unbreakable relationship by creating an item and a service that is available seven a day, all day, every day and allows you to control your life and your future into your control.

You can use certain services without registration. A registration for “Jobs by email” or an account will provide you with additional functions and Services. To offer you the particular Services you have registered for or to calculate the duration, we keep dates of the last time you used our services on your Platforms (“Last date of Activity”) This could include the date you registered as well as the date of your last use of Services, such as applying for an opening.

A. Job alerts

You can opt-in to alerts about job openings via SMS or email via our Platforms. You will frequently receive alerts for job jobs that meet your requirements. You can also create job alerts by hand based on a profile you created before the time. If you register or have already registered your account with us, you will be able to manage the job alerts described in section b.dd.

Jobs by Email

We also have a Virtual Assistant, Mya, for assistance in helping to set up your job alerts. Mya will provide you with a set of questions to customize our recommendations to suit your needs. You’ll require an account with us to get these. If you’re not registered for an account yet, Mya will ask you to provide your email address and make one. If your account is already in place, Mya will update the settings of your account in response to the changes you’ve made.

You can change the preferences you have set at any time within your account. It can be located on this page beneath “My job alert”. If you decide that you would like to receive alerts about jobs, You can unsubscribe by changing your preferences or by clicking the unsubscribe button that we provide in each job alert.

For ease of using the Site across different gadgets, the Job Alerts via email contain a unique link that will recognize you whenever you go to the Site by clicking the link within the email. This allows applicants to submit applications for jobs since your email address, name along with the hyperlink to your previous CV will be automatically filled in when you fill out the application for the job. Since job Alert emails are personalized, you mustn’t send them to others or post them on social networks. It is your responsibility to ensure the security of these private Job Alert email links. Sharing your Job Alerts may result in someone accidentally applying for a job under your name.

Jobs by Instant Message

If you fill out a job application on the Site, You may get an email asking would you prefer to receive jobs via text’. Suppose you type in your contact information and accept that you do. In that case, our virtual assistant, Mya, will instantly message to inquire whether you’d prefer to receive certain jobs similar to the profile you have created. If you accept to receive job suggestions by this method, Mya will send you an email with a recommendation and ask you whether you’d like to receive any more. Mya must wait for you to respond “yes” or “no” before sending another recommendation. Mya will also offer you the option to opt out of Instant messages entirely.

You can respond to Instant Messages with standard language like “stop,” “unsubscribe,” or “cancel” to prevent receiving additional messages. You can at any time resume receiving messages by replying “start,” “yes”, or “unstop”.

If you decide not to respond to the messages instantly, without opting to receive them, Mya will try to engage you again after some time but will only attempt to make contact once. If you do not reply to the attempt to re-engage, Mya will not send any more messages to your registered telephone number unless you make an email asking to restart.

If you opt to receive emails, Mya will ask you to give feedback via an array of questions to ensure that you can help us improve the service. There is no obligation to respond in these ways. However, we would appreciate it that you did.

Your Account

Certain Services are available only in conjunction with the account you have on the site.

If you sign an agreement to open an account, you can use Additional Services, as described in the following paragraphs. You can sign up to create an account according to the procedure in section 3.

Saved Jobs

You can save advertisements for jobs you have seen, e.g., clicking the appropriate button on the job advertisement. Then, you will be able to access the saved listings within your account.

Your Profile

You can make a CV profile (“Profile”) inside your account. It includes a range of CV related data and attachments uploaded by you. It also keeps an account of your activities through our Platforms. You’ll have several choices when it comes to deciding what information recruiters will be able to see. The default option when you sign up for an account is that recruiters will view your profile. That includes your resume as well as the “Last Active” date (see below for more details on this). You can alter your profile’s visibility at any time.

We’ll also publish your application information (jobs that you’ve applied to and when you submitted applications for them) if you request not to. You can change this at any time.

You can use your Profile to submit applications to job opportunities posted on the web or in apps. The recruiting company will be able to access your Profile even though it’s not available to the general public to look up the information you have provided. But they will not be able to view the history of your applications if you choose not to disclose your application history. We will also utilize the information you’ve provided in your Profile to offer you suggestions for jobs based on your preferences based on your Profile information. To offer you the services you requested under your Profile, we will save information about your most recent activity, including the “Last Active” date (” Last Active” date) that is the date that you last changed your CV or profile or the date on which you first applied for jobs via the Services.

In addition to having a public and active profile, we can also offer an online profile of you in a publically accessible business-related social media site we have discovered concerning your CV Database search users. This access to CV Database can also be offered by browser plugins or any other programs that the group of companies or wemakeprovide. That will permit our customers to view your CV when they visit certain social media sites.

If you decide to make your Profile through us, we will save your CV in our database until you ask us to remove the account you created from our Database.

We cannot guarantee or warrant a minimum amount of data storage space for your profile. We reserve the possibility to temporarily or permanently limit the amount of data uploaded for uploads of data, particularly in the event of technical reasons, such as ensuring the service is maintained or enhanced.

Application History

Wehow, keep your job postings and applications that you posted through the Platforms for two months within your account. This information is accessible through your account. Information from such applications may be used to fill in fields once you have created your Profile in accordance with section 2.c.bb. above.

Additional functions to send Job alerts

In your Account , you are able to control your “Jobs by email” settings, i.e. the criteria that are used to match the job notifications you receive. We also provide “Instant job match” job alerts according to your search habits and your inventory of jobs fluctuating. You may at any point decide to deactivate “Jobs by email” or “Instant job match”.

We make no representations, warranties or guarantees either implied or expressed, and disclaims and negates any other warranties, including any implied warranties, or conditions of quality, merchantability, fitness to specific purposes, non-infringement of intellectual property , or other infringement of rights. We don’t guarantee or make any representations regarding the accuracy, probable results, or the accuracy of the use of these materials or reports.

The service is offered on an “as-is” basis. We may modify the service at any point without prior notice.

Deceased User

If there is a death of the user or an individual authorized to take on behalf of the estate or an immediate family member who is verified of the deceased could ask to have the user’s account deleted. We’ll require additional evidence to support this request to prevent false and unauthorised reports. Please be assured that the information requested will be kept private and will be removed after reviewing it.

There are additional terms that might apply to you.

Its Acceptable Use Policy refers to the following additional terms that also govern your use of the Site

  • Our Privacy Policy is a document that defines the conditions under which we handle any personal information We obtain from you or provide to Us. When you use the Site you agree to this processing and guarantee that the information provided by you is true;
  • The Site’s Cookies policy that provides information on the use of cookies on the Site as well as
  • If you’re a recruiter, read our terms and conditions for recruiters provide details that apply to recruiters.

Employment Agencies and Employment Business Regulations 2003

Both recruiters and job seekers must know that the job site operates as a platform only, and does not present or provide Recruitmentcaves with recruiters (or reverse). That means we don’t:

  • collect enough information for potential recruiters to identify an appropriate candidate to fill the position that the recruiter is looking to fill.
  • Get proof of identity for the job seeker or prove that they have the necessary experience, qualifications or certifications to be employed in the position to be filled or they are willing to take on the job;
  • Take any step to ensure that the job seeker and the recruiter are both aware of any condition set by law or any other law that must be met by both parties to allow the job-seeker to be able to fill the job to be filled.
  • Take any necessary steps to ensure it would not be harmful to the interest of the applicant or the person who is recruiting the job seeker to perform the job to be filled;
  • Give recruiters any indication whether applicants are ineligible (or appropriate) for the job to be filled under any circumstance;
  • suggest job seekers to recruiters or provide any details about them.
  • refer to any reference regarding a job seeker or
  • arrange for accommodations of job-seekers.

The Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Business Regulations (the “Regulations”) of 2003 (the “Regulations”) seek to ensure that job seekers are only referred to by employment agencies for jobs that they are trained and qualified, and that recruiters only are given applicants with the relevant expertise, education, and authorization for the job that is to be filled. As we are only an intermediary and cannot offer Recruitmentcaves or introduce them to recruiters and reverse the process it is suggested that if you’re an applicant for a job, you take the steps laid out within the Regulations to ensure that you are suitable for the position advertised, or, if you’re a recruiter, make sure that a candidate is suitable for the job.

They could be:

1. If you’re a job-seeker you should verify your identity with the person who is recruiting you along with the character of the business, the date of its commencement and duration of the post and the position to be filled and the nature of work, work location hours, and the risks to health and safety. the experience, qualifications, training and authorizations that the recruiter believes are necessary or is legally required to perform the job and whether or not any costs are due to you as a job-seeker or if there are legal requirements or any other law that you have to meet prior to accepting the job.

2. When you’re a recruitment agent making sure that the applicant is a genuine applicant and verifying that the job seeker is able to demonstrate the skills, experience and qualifications legally required or otherwise to be considered suitable for the job and if there are any legal requirements or other means for you, as the recruiter to satisfy for a job-seeker to apply for a position.

Furthermore, in cases where the requirement for professional qualifications is present or when job seekers are required working with vulnerable people or children, it is recommended to take copies of the necessary qualifications or authorisations as well as at least two references from persons who aren’t relatives of the applicant and then conduct a criminal records bureau search of the job seeker. For more information on the steps to conduct the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check, visit then Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) website.

Any tools or methods for searching or screening that we provide to assist you to evaluate the qualifications or otherwise of a specific job candidate or advertised post will aid you in taking these actions however they are not intended to be a substitute for.

We can make changes to these terms and conditions.

We update these Recruitmentcave Terms at times. Each time you want to access the Site, please read these Terms and Conditions of Employment to ensure you are aware of the conditions in effect at the current time.

Check out this “Effective from” date at the top of these terms for a view of the date it was last updated.

Job search safety

To be safe during your job search, we suggest visiting SAFERjobs, a non-profit, joint law enforcement and business group that works to fight fraud in the job market. Visit www.safer-jobs.com for more information about the most common scams and expert advice on better job searches.

What laws of the country govern any dispute?

The Recruitmentcave  Terms the subject matter of them and the way they are constructed are subject to Nigerian law. Both of us accept that the courts in Nigeria will have the sole authority.