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Welcome to We are here to tell you that the Nigerian air force past question papers and answers has been updated. Most importantly, for candidates who applied for NAF recruitment 2021. It is important to let you know that the 1st stage of the recruitment has come and gone. And now the second stage which is the screening stage. Which is why you need the past question papers to get yourself more prepared.

Would you like to download past questions from the Nigerian air force for the forthcoming screening test? Then, we’ve got you covered with previous questions and answers about the updated NAF recruitment. Also, see how to put an order underneath;

Finally, you can also find on this page the new edition of past questions and answers from the Nigerian Air Force in PDF format. See guidance below on how to receive your previous questions

In the meantime, previous questions papers from NAF recruitment are now available for all work applicants to download.

About the Air Force of Nigeria (NAF)

Firstly, the idea of creating an air force for Nigeria was first mooted in 1961, after the nation’s participation in peacekeeping operations in Congo and Tanganyika (now Tanzania).

During these peacekeeping operations, foreign air force aircraft were used to airlift the Nigerian Army Regiment to and from operation theatres.

Also, at that time, the Nigerian Government certainly acknowledged the urgent need to develop an air force actively supported by modern facilities to provide a full complement of forces to enhance the country’s military strength.

In theory, the government decided to establish the Nigerian Air Force in early 1962. (NAF).

Consequently, the formation of the NAF was approved by the Nigerian parliament, and the recruitment of cadets started in June 1962.

The NAF was then formally created by Parliament’s legislative act in April 1964 to serve four main purposes:
(The NAF).

To achieve complete complementation of the Federal Republic of Nigeria’s military defense structure, both in the air and on the ground.

Lastly, to ensure the Armed Forces’ rapid, flexible mobility.
In addition, to provide close assistance in all phases of operations to ground-based and sea-borne forces and to ensure the territorial integrity of a united Nigeria.
(The NAF). To provide the country with the deserved recognition that is indispensable in international affairs.

Nigerian Air Force Past Questions

This is a full and up-to-date question paper for the past. Which was compiled using the past questions gotten from past years air force recruitment screening/aptitude test. Therefore, the past question is available for all the categories. See the categories below;

  • Firstly, Nigerian Air Force Regular Combat
  • Secondly, Air Force Direct Short Service Commission
  • Finally, Nigerian Air Force Basic Military Training Course

Why You Need Nigerian Air Force Past Questions

The NAF past question paper is all you need to pass the upcoming recruitment screening test. Also, in the previous years a lot of candidates failed to recognize the importance of past questions and this lead them to failing the screening test. A lot of people think passing the examination is really a hard stuff to do but with the help of the past question paper you can do absolutely well.

Most of the questions you will see in the exam script are questions that were also given to the past years candidates because the Nigerian Air Force is fun of repeating questions. Secondly, now the past questions contains this questions, this is to say if you get this past question paper, read and practice the questions on it, you are one step ahead of others. 40% of the questions seen on this past question paper will surely resurface in the forthcoming examination.

Nature of NAF Previous Questions

Past Questions from the Nigerian Air Force is a collection of questions from previous tests. Furthermore, it is a valuable method that can help candidates accomplish their objectives.

The Good News is:

This question from the past is not only a question from the past, but it is also complemented by its Answers.

The previous NAF issue is divided into three fundamental components, which are:

  • Mathematics
  • General Knowledge and
  • English Language

1. Mathematics:

Most Achilles heel individuals and so many individuals would believe that the aptitude test has already failed before the tests. But yet, don’t conclude:

There are 20 questions in this section and candidates will be evaluated on basic topics such as simple interest, ratio, percentage, chance, sets, age and function, statistics.

Area and quantities, gains and losses, conversions, basic interest and compound interest, as well as other simple questions of mathematics. Lastly, Just pick it up and have a good look at it.

2. English Language

In our everyday use, this section consists of basic words such as synonyms and antonyms (opposite and closest in significance) and filling out the gap queries. Also, in this segment, there are typically 20 questions.

3. General Knowledge

This section is extracted from various topics, such as chemistry. Physics, biology, Nigeria’s current affairs and Nigerian history, Air Force news, OPEC, UN, OAU, and ECOWAS international organizations.

Most importantly, Information related to science and technology is also general knowledge. Normally, these sections have 10 questions.

Note: NAF questions are typically a total of 50 questions. With about 600 questions, we have more than six years of past questions in our custody.

The problem typically covers a wide field, including other subjects such as chemistry, physics, biology, Nigerian history, current affairs in Nigeria, all about the Nigerian Air Force. World organizations such as OPEC, UN, ECOWAS, OAU as well as information technology awareness e.t.c. Also, there are usually 10 questions in all. And there are 50 questions in total.

We have more than 15 questions from the past that you need to review. Yeah, by notifying us, you can get it through your email. Secondly, these previous questions will be delivered in an easily accessible PDF format, and guess what? You can also print it out in case the soft copies are not convenient for you.

Are past questions necessary for the Nigerian Air Force?

Are past questions necessary for the Nigerian Air Force?

Yes, it is important to remember that if you want to pass the Nigerian Air Force interview check, the Nigerian Air Force’s previous questions and responses are highly significant.

Also, make sure you have the latest version of the previous question from the Nigerian Air Force on this page, as it allows you to prepare thoroughly for the Nigerian Air Force interview exam.

So, we have also included a free version of this content, so you can see what it looks like.

Nigerian Air Force Recruitment Sample Question

Past questions and comments from the Nigerian Air Force have been posted below free of charge. Furthermore, to see what the questions look like, you can now go through the free edition of past questions from the NAF. Secondly, remember that this is just a copy of the content as a reference. Only after you have made a successful payment can you have full access to the complete and updated version. Finally, see the following sample questions;

1. The June 12 Presidential Election was annulled by President Ibrahim Babangida on

A) June 12, 1993
B) June 14, 1993
C) June 18, 1993
D) June 23, 1993
E) June 27, 1993

2. Gombe State belongs to the ______ geo-political Zone in Nigeria.

A) South East
B) South West
C) North Central
D) North East
E) North West

3. The full meaning of OECD is

A) Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
B) Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development
C) Organization of Economic Community and Development
D) Organization for Economic Community and Development
E) Order of the Economic Community and Development

4. Paparada Square is in

A) Ilorin
B) Lokoja
C) Kaduna
D) Lagos
E) Sokoto
5. The former Eastern Region was proclaimed a sovereign nation, Biafra by Odumegu Ojukwu on
A) May 30, 1967
B) June 15, 1966
C) April 6, 1968
D) January 10, 1965
E) April 21, 1969

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How to Get the Real Nigerian Air Force Recruitment Past Questions and Answers

Lastly, to get the real and up to date NAF past papers, you are expected to make a payment of two thousand Naira only (N2000) to an account that will be offered to you when you send us an email requesting the previous question paper via [email protected] or chat us on WhatsApp @+2349056340901.

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