Kogi SUBEB Shortlisted Candidates 2021/2022 PDF List Download

Kogi SUBEB Shortlisted Candidates 2021/2022 PDF List Download

Kogi SUBEB Shortlisted Candidates 2021 | This article will guide you on how to check the current Kogi State Universal Basic Education Board Shortlisted Candidates 2021 list

If your application was successfully submitted for a job position in the Kogi SUBEB Recruitment 2021, then here is the good news. The 2021 Kogi SUBEB Shortlisted Candidates for Screening has successfully been released. You can check it out in the Kogi SUBEB recruitment portal or in this website as the list has been uploaded here as well. Therefore, it is very important to continue reading to see all details on how to check and download the list.

Most importantly, the list is compiled in PDF format and can be easily downloaded. Also, you can as well view the list here. This list is basically for those who successfully applied for a job position in the Kogi SUBEB Recruitment that is eligible to check and confirm the Kogi SUBEB List of successful candidates for recruitment.

This list has been viewed by many applicants, and if you have not done so, it is important to do so in order not to lose the job opportunity. Make use of this great opportunity to check and confirm your name and status. If you are among those been shortlisted, that is definitely not the end as you will have to go through the physical screening and document verification to finally stand a chance of being employed.

The screening test will cover an online assessment test, written exams/aptitude test, Screening, and face-to-face interview, please make sure that you have completed your preparation by purchasing a copy of the Kogi SUBEB  Recruitment Past Questions and Answers 2021 in PDF

 Is the Kogi SUBEB Shortlisted Candidates Out?

We have been receiving numerous questions from candidates who applied for the ongoing SUBEB recruitment to know if the list of successful candidates is out. In this article, we will answer all your questions concerning Kogi SUBEB list of shortlisted candidates. So keep reading to know if your name is among those been listed.

The answer to all these questions whether the Kogi SUBEB Shortlist is out or not depends wholly on when you are reading this particular article. As the matter of fact, as at the time when this article was constructed, the SUBEB list was not released, but by the time this article might be before your eyes (I.e. by the time you are reading this), the shortlist might be out.

On countless occasions, we have made it known to all those who applied for this job position that anyone who requested money from you to shortlist your name is indeed a fraudster. Therefore, beware of such a person. Success in the shortlisting is by merit. As long as you met all necessary requirements needed for this recruitment, then you will definitely be shortlisted. Paying money no matter the amount to any agent will only lead you to be scammed.

Kogi SUBEB Portal for Shortlisted Candidates

First and foremost, It is very necessary that you know the main portal in order to avoid being scammed. Basically, It is mostly those who have little or no idea about the Kogi SUBEB portal that are often scammed. Please if you do not know the recruitment or shortlisting portal, ensure that you follow this information very seriously.

Also, the email which you use for the SUBEB recruitment is very much important as most of the information which you will need shall be sent to you via the submitted email.

Therefore, the correct portal for Kogi SUBEB shortlisted candidates is stetscom.kogistate.gov.ng. Most of the uploads and documentation shall be done here.  If the portal is not available now, do not worry as the portal will be made available at the appropriate time.

This article shall cover the following;

  • The Required Documents for the Screening Exercise
  • How to easily check the Kogi State SUBEB Shortlisted Candidates 2021

The Required Documents for the Screening Exercise

It is very important to note the following, and have it in mind that while coming to the Kogi SUBEB head office to carry out your physical verification and screening for the recruitment exercise, all applicants that made it to the Kogi SUBEB Shortlisted Candidates List is expected to come along with the out listed documents;

  • A recent copy of your passport photograph
  • All applicant must come with their Birth certificate or age declaration
  • All shortlisted candidates must present their academic certificates
  • A letter of Identification

In order to avoid been duped, it is important to note that the Kogi State SUBEB Shortlisted Candidates’ names will be published FREE. Therefore, anyone who requested money is a fraudster. Also, only those whose names are listed will be required to make it to the screening venue with the above documents listed.

How to Check Kogi SUBEB Shortlisted Candidates List 2021/2022

So how can you check and verify your name in the Kogi SUBEB shortlisted candidates list to ensure that you are among those been shortlisted? This particular subheading shall inform you of the steps to take on how you can verify the list of shortlisted candidates for SUBEB Recruitment.

Disclaimer: Please note that if you can’t check the list, that indicates that the list is not yet out, and as such, you are advised to bookmark this page to stay updated once the list is out.

To verify the list, please do follow our instructions here. Most importantly, you should keep visiting the email you use for ongoing registration, the email is very important as all necessary information regarding the Kogi SUBEB shortlisted candidates would be communicated to you through this email.

As we keep gathering other important information, we will keep you updated, this is the reason we encourage you to bookmark this page and subscribe to our email list as well.

You must carry the following to the screening center to show you were the one who filled out the online application form.

  • A recent copy of your passport photograph
  • All applicant must come with their Birth certificate or age declaration
  • All shortlisted candidates must present their academic certificates
  • A letter of Identification
  • Shortlisted candidates must come along with their Certificate of L.G.A of Origin.
  • You must Print out your registration slip
  • Come along with your Certificate of State of Origin duly signed
  • Most importantly, your Educational certificates (First School Leaving Certificate, WAEC, B.Sc., B.ED, B.A (Ed), HND, OND, or NCE certificate from a Government-approved institution)
  • Birth Certificate (the National Population Commission) or Affidavit of Declaration of Age
  • You must come with a valid means of identity which could be a Valid Driver’s License, National ID Card, National Identification Number (NIN), Nigerian International Passport, Voters card
  • A copy of the printout of the reply to your online application
  • Bank Verification Number(BVN)

Finally, in order to be really sure if you have been shortlisted, selected, or your name appeared on the list of selected candidates, continue visiting the official recruitment portal of the Kogi  State SUBEB recruitment at stetscom.kogistate.gov.ng

Finally, we say a very big Congratulations to all eligible applicants that will be shortlisted for Kogi SUBEB recruitment intake 2021. Without further delays, you have to at least start getting prepared for your interview and screening.

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