Nigerian Prison Service Shortlisted Candidates 2021/2022 is out

Nigerian Prison Service Shortlisted Candidates 2021-2022 | Check Out Your Name On The NPS Shortlisted Candidates List 2021 » Did you apply for Nigerian Prison Service Recruitment, this is to let you know that the list is finally out,

Congratulations to all who applied for the Nigerian Prison Recruitment 2021/2022.

The list of Nigerian Prison Service Shortlisted Candidates for 2021/2022 is now available. All candidates are encouraged to review the list. Follow the steps outlined here to review the List.

The list of candidates who have been shortlisted is available in PDF format for download. Both candidates should also save the list to their mobile devices for future reference. Only those who applied for the Prison Service recruitment would be considered.
Please keep in mind that if you are not finally screened, you will not make it to the final list and will not be recruited as a warder in the country.

Are the Nigerian Prison Service’s Shortlisted Candidates Complete?

The big question now is whether the list of shortlisted candidates for the 2021/2022 session has been published. So, first and foremost, let us answer this issue. The key question remains: is the list of NPS recruitment shortlisted Candidates 2021 available?

To put it another way, depending on when you read this post, the answer to the question may be yes or no. The list of shortlisted candidates was not published at the time this article was written. However, by the time you read this, the article might have been written.
As a result, depending on the time you are reading this post, it is up to you to review the list of shortlisted candidates. So make sure to obey all of our guidelines and guides in order to determine your position on the Nigerian Shortlisted Candidates List in PDF 2021.

Nigerian Prison Service Portal for Shortlisted Candidates in 2021

The Nigerian Prison Service Portal is currently not operational. However, the portal will be enabled once the recruitment shortlist has been posted. You can receive updates and information about the List of Shortlisted Candidates through this portal.
Maintain the security of your email. This is the email address you can use to register for the job. If you forget your email log-in details, please try to recover the email in order to stay up to date on NPS Shortlist 2021 instructions.
This is the platform where you can find all of the necessary uploads and documents to assist you in screening all shortlisted candidates.

How to Check the Shortlisted Candidates for the Nigerian Prison Service in 2021

The measures outlined below will assist you in determining your position on the Nigeria Prison Shortlisted Candidates List 2021.

First and foremost, you will receive some critical information in the form of an email. This is why you should keep the email active and safe.
You may also access the shortlist via the NPS portal. This is a quick overview of how to search the shortlist.

• Go to or and sign in to the portal.

• Go to the top right corner and click on the link labeled recruitment Status.

• Fill in your application number or email address in the given space. To check your name, check the box below the box.

Nigerian Prison Service Shortlisted Candidates By States

The following is a list of all states where NPS has shortlisted candidates for this year’s recruitment:

NPS Shortlisted Abia State
NPS Shortlisted Adamawa State
NPS Shortlisted Akwa Ibom State
NPS Shortlisted Anambra State
NPS Shortlisted Bauchi State
NPS Shortlisted Bayelsa State
NPS Shortlisted Benue State
NPS Shortlisted Borno State
NPS Shortlisted Cross River
NPS Shortlisted Delta State
NPS Shortlisted Ebonyi State
NPS Shortlisted Edo State
NPS Shortlisted Ekiti State
NPS Shortlisted Enugu State
NPS Shortlisted FCT (Federal Capital Territory)
NPS Shortlisted Gombe State
NPS Shortlisted Imo State
NPS Shortlisted Jigawa State
NPS Shortlisted Kaduna State
NPS Shortlisted Kano State
NPS Shortlisted Katsina State
NPS Shortlisted Kebbi State
NPS Shortlisted Kogi State
NPS Shortlisted Kwara State
NPS Shortlisted Lagos State
NPS Shortlisted Minna State
NPS Shortlisted Nassarawa State
NPS Shortlisted Niger State
NPS Shortlisted Ogun State
NPS Shortlisted Ondo State
NPS Shortlisted Osun State
NPS Shortlisted Oyo State
NPS Shortlisted Plateau State
NPS Shortlisted Rivers State
NPS Shortlisted Sokoto State
NPS Shortlisted Taraba State
NPS Shortlisted Yobe State
NPS Shortlisted Zamfara State

In conclusion
The Nigerian Prison Service Recruitment is a Very Lucrative Work, so congratulations if you have been shortlisted. If you want more detail on this, please leave a comment in the comment box below.
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