NDLEA Shortlisted Candidates List in PDF 2021 | Steps to Check and Download

NDLEA Shortlisted Candidates List in PDF 2021 | This content will guide you on Steps to Check and Download NDLEA Shortlisted Candidates List

Are you one of those who applied for the National Drug and Law Enforcement Agency Recruitment?

Here’s some breaking news for you: The names of the 2021 NDLEA shortlisted candidates for screening have been made public online. We’ve updated the list here, and you can see if you’ve been shortlisted by following our instructions.
The NDLEA is now available for download, which is in PDF Format. You can also access the list right here. Many who applied for the National Drug and Law Enforcement Agency Recruitment are entitled to see the NDLEA shortlisted candidates List of Qualified Candidates.
After ensuring that you have been shortlisted, you will also have to go through the NDLEA shortlisted candidates list in order to complete the recruitment process. It is only after passing the screening that you can honestly claim that you are about to become a member and staff of the National Drug and Law Enforcement Agency.
However, to ensure that you pass the screening process, which includes an online assessment test, written exams/aptitude test, screening, and face-to-face interview, download the whole pack on the NDLEA Recruitment Past Questions and Answers. The content is in PDF format and is easily accessible online.

When Will the NDLEA Shortlist Be Announced?

As of the time of writing, the list was not yet available, but if it is by the time you read this post, please ensure that you follow all of our instructions to ensure that you successfully check your position on the NDLEA shortlisted candidates 2021.

The list will be made available through the federation’s 36 states and the FCT. You must verify your status in your home state or the state where you registered.
You can only receive an email if you have been shortlisted, so if you do not receive it, it is possible that you have not been shortlisted on NDLEA shortlisted candidates list. That does not spell the end of the planet. There are currently open positions for which you can apply. Later in the post, we will mention the other jobs that are open to you.

Please do not pay anyone money to be shortlisted online. There are many scammers and swindlers online; if you are not selected this year, you can try again next year, and there are many other resources available to you. Other recruitment opportunities include the Nigerian Army Recruitment, Nigerian Police Recruitment, INEC Recruitment, Civil Defence Recruitment, Immigration Recruitment, and Customs Recruitment, among others.

2021 NDLEA Shortlisted Candidates Platform

It is important that you are aware of the proper portal for screening and reviewing the list of NDLEA shortlisted candidates. This will help you from getting scammed since there are many scammers online who pose as agents.
The NDLEA site is www.emplug.com; this is the portal where all uploading and downloading can take place. It is important that you take care of this address. There are several bogus websites pretending to represent the NDLEA shortlisted candidates. Take care of this.
If you meet all of the criteria and are qualified, there is nothing that can prevent you from being shortlisted for the NDLEA Work. Remember not to pay someone to get your name shortlisted. You could be duped.

How to Search the List of NDLEA Shortlisted Candidates

This is the proper method for checking the NDLEA shortlisted candidates list. Please bear in mind that the list is available for all 36 states in Nigeria as well as the Federal Capital Territory. There is no point in listing all of the states if you are already familiar with the states available in this country.
There are two strategies for getting to the list. You can get to it by going directly to the NDLEA shortlisted candidates Portal or by following the connection sent to your email by the National Drug and Law Enforcement Agency. You would be able to search for your name on the list in any case.
In conclusion, here’s how to access the National Drugs and Law Enforcement Agency Shortlisted Candidates List 2021.

• Go to the NDLEA shortlisted candidates Portal. www.emplug.com

• Log in with your email address, which you created during the recruitment registration process.

• From here, you can verify your status.
•  You can also check your email to see if they have given you any updates about the shortlist.

Important Information About NDLEA Shortlisted Candidates

The NDLEA has complied with the Attorney General’s Order and has suspended applicant screening.

  1. The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, or NDLEA, has stopped the screening of applicants in its ongoing recruitment campaign. This is in full line with the order of Mallam Abubakar Mallami, SAN, Attorney General and Minister of Justice.
  2. The Agency last week announced the release of a list of NDLEA shortlisted candidates who were to proceed to the Agency’s Academy in Jos for final screening and enlistment, but the Attorney General ordered the exercise to be suspended due to the current and troubling COVID-19 pandemic across the world.
  3. The Agency is willing to obtain advice from the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19 on the public health implications of such an exercise, particularly in terms of the adequacy and feasibility of strict adherence to COVID-19 protocols.
  4. As a result, the Agency’s Acting Chairman, Shadrach Haruna, has ordered the screening team to halt all NDLEA shortlisted candidate’s operations and report to the National Headquarters in Abuja immediately for further briefing. He also confirmed that there would be no discrimination against any applicant who attended or did not attend the screening.


Achema, Jonah
Narcotics Vice Leader (DCN)
Public Affairs Chief Personnel Member


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