Ministry Of Defence Shortlisted Candidates 2021 List in PDF | Check Here

Ministry Of Defence Shortlisted Candidates 2021 List in PDF | This updated article will guide you to check the new Ministry Of Defence Shortlisted Candidates

Have you applied for a position with the Ministry of Defence? The Ministry of PDF Defense’s shortlisted of the candidate’s list is now available in PDF format. We have successfully uploaded the list to our website, so you can download it here. See the table below for more information.


Ministry Of Defence Shortlisted Candidates



Ministry Of Defence Shortlisted Candidates


The list is available for download in PDF format. You can also look at the list here. The Ministry Of Defence Shortlisted Candidates for Recruitment is only open to those who applied for the Ministry of Defence Recruitment.
Only those who apply for the position have a chance of being chosen for an interview. After being shortlisted, you must pass a screening and interview review or test to assess your eligibility to join the Nigerian Ministry of Defense


Screening Portal for The Ministry of Defence 2021 Shortlisted Candidates

Here you can find information about the platform through which the shortlisted candidates will be screened. The names of the shortlisted candidates will also be announced via the portal, but the list will be in PDF format and downloadable.
Please keep in mind that the email address you used for registration will come in handy at this point. The email is crucial because it will be used to communicate the majority of information related to the screening date and shortlisted candidates. is the Nigerian Ministry of Defense’s website. Please be aware of this portal in order to avoid being duped. Callous elements who clone government websites to extort money from naive individuals have conned a lot of irresponsible people. As a consequence, please keep this website in mind to ensure that you stay safe.

Is the Ministry of Defense Candidate List Completely Out?

Is the shortlist for the Ministry of Defense ready to be announced?

Ok, it all depends on when you’re reading this. The list is not yet available at the time of writing, but it could be by the time you read this. We’re not going to let that deter us from showing you how to search the Ministry of Defence Shortlisted Candidates list 2021.
As previously mentioned, the majority of the information you will receive, including the screening portal link and the link to download the PDF list, will be sent to you via the email address you got during the registration process for the job.
If you meet all of the criteria and are qualified, there is nothing that can prevent you from being shortlisted for a Ministry of Defence job. Also, don’t pay someone to have your name on a shortlist. It’s likely that you’ll be duped.

How to Review the Shortlisted Candidates for the Nigerian Ministry of Defense in 2021

Here is the long-awaited guide on how to search and download the Nigerian Ministry of Defence Shortlisted Candidates list in PDF for the 2021 recruitment that you have been waiting for.
Please carefully follow the instructions on how to download the list contained here.

• Go to to read more about the Nigerian Ministry of Defense.
• Use your email address and the password you developed to access the portal.
• You can check your status from here.
• You should also search your inbox to see if they’ve sent you any correspondence about the shortlist.
Being shortlisted is not the be-all and end-all; you must also pass the screening and write the exam to reach the final list. That is why, for optimum and full efficiency, we suggest that you obtain the Nigerian Ministry of Defence Recruitment’s previous Questions and Answers.
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The Latest Information About Ministry of Defence Shortlisted Candidates

On October 1, 1958, the Ministry of Defence was created with the legislative duty of overseeing the country’s defense profile from the perspective of the Armed Forces. As a consequence, it is in charge of the Defense Headquarters, the Services (Army, Navy, and Air Force), and Tri-Services Institutions/Parastatals.

“In recognition of the millennium’s challenges, a military sector with modernized weapons, well-trained in all facets of military operations, professionally professionalized, compact and mobile with sufficient equipment, firepower, and communications, capable of fulfilling constitutional obligations and performing its international peace-keeping function proudly and efficiently.”

Mission: To provide timely and efficient administrative and support services to allow the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to develop and sustain a new, compact, solid, competent, mission-capable, and mission-ready Armed Forces for the defense of national territory, maritime interests, airspace, and the security and defense of the Federal Republic of Nigeria’s constitution.

Key Purposes
i. Maintain the men of the Nigerian Armed Forces in a state of battle readiness on the land, sea, and air;

ii. Maintain a fair balance of arms and men to meet the needs of internal and external security;

iii. Provide for the welfare of the men of the Armed Forces in terms of training, housing, health care, and other benefits aimed at improving their morale.

The Ministry’s Organization
The Ministry’s organizational structure is divided into civilian and military elements. Six services and four operating divisions make up the civilian cell, each led by a Director. The Chief Executive of the Ministry is the Honourable Minister, who is assisted by the Honourable Minister of State. The Accounting and Chief Administrative Officer of the Ministry is the Permanent Secretary. He is in charge of organizing and directing the activities of the Ministry’s Departments and Units. The Office of the Director (Office of the Permanent Secretary) Special Duties was recently established to oversee the Ministry’s following units:

i. Ministerial Servicom Unit;

ii. Reform Unit;

iii. Internal Audit;

iv. Anti-Corruption and Transparency Unit;

v. Stock Verification Unit;

vi. Protocol Unit; and

vii. Press and Public Relations Unit.

Component of Civilians
i. Human Resource Management Department

ii. Finance and Accounts Department

iii. Planning, Research, and Statistics Department

iv. Procurement Department

v. Legal Department

vi. Medical Services Department is the division that makes up the Ministry of Defense Headquarters.

Organizational Departments

i. Joint Services Department

ii. Army Affairs Department

iii. Navy Affairs Department

iv. Air Force Affairs Department

Part of the military
The Ministry’s Armed Forces Services Headquarters consists of the following:
i. Headquarters of the Nigerian Army

ii. Headquarters of the Nigerian Navy

iii. Headquarters of the Nigerian Air Force

The Chief of Defence Staff, who coordinates the three Services, is in charge of the Armed Forces, their joint activities, and training, while the three Service Chiefs are in charge of the day-to-day operations of their respective Services.

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