Custom Shortlisted Candidates PDF List 2021 is out | How to Check

Custom Shortlisted Candidates PDF List 2021 | The Custom Shortlisted Candidate List Is Out, This Article will show you How to Check if you are selected for the next phase

Custom Shortlisted Candidates PDF List 2021

Here is some breaking news for those who applied for Customs Recruitment 2021. The Custom Shortlisted Candidates for Screening for 2021 have been made public.

This is where you can find the list. For more information about how to search, see the section below.
The list is available in PDF format and can be downloaded. You can also look at the list here.

Those who applied for the Nigerian Customs Service Recruitment are entitled to see the Custom List of Qualified Candidates.
Many people have reviewed theirs, so take advantage of the chance to double-check your name and status. If you’ve been shortlisted, the process doesn’t end there; you’ll still have to go through physical screening and document review to be considered for a place.
Please ensure that you have completed your training by purchasing a copy of the Nigerian Custom Recruitment Past Questions and Answers 2021 in PDF.

Is it true that the Custom Shortlisted Candidates is now available?

Many candidates have inquired about the cuts, wanting to know if they are still available. You’ll find answers to all of your questions here, so keep reading to find out whether the list has been published or not.
The response to whether or not the Nigerian Custom Shortlist is available depends on when you read this post.

The list had not been published at the time this article was written, however, by the time this article is in front of your eyes (i.e. by the time you are reading this), the shortlist might have been released.
We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: do not pay money to someone in order to get a job with the Nigeria Customs Service.

Recruitment success is based on merit. There is no way that you would not be admitted if you follow all of the criteria. You would be scammed if you pay money to any agent.
Often, we do call our readers and ask for money in exchange for a job. Any call pretending to be from us should be dismissed. We don’t name our clients.

Candidates that have been shortlisted have their own portal.

Nigerian Custom Portal for Shortlisted Candidates

To stop being conned, you must know the exact URL of the portal. Many who are unaware of the right portal are often conned. If you are unsure about which portal to use, please contact us. Be sure to keep this knowledge in mind.

The email address you use for custom recruitment is crucial because it will convey the majority of the details you need.

Customs can be accessed via The majority of the uploading and recording will take place here.

If the portal is not accessible right now, don’t worry; it will be available when the time comes.
How to Search Nigerian Customs Shortlisted Candidates 2021

  • Here are several pointers on how to navigate the Nigerian Custom Recruitment Shortlisted Candidates 2021 correctly.
  • The list is accessible in all 36 states and can be accessed via the portal or by sending an email.
  • You can also take a look at it here.
  • Please keep in mind that the URL for obtaining a candidate’s name is still
  • You can check your status right now if you haven’t already.
  • Don’t be discouraged if you didn’t make the cut; it’s not the end of the world.

There are a number of other vacancies for which you can apply.

Nigerian police recruitment,

immigration recruitment, and

FRSC recruitment are only a few examples of Nigerian recruitment. Visit their receptive recruitment portals to apply for any of these vacancies.

Important Information About Custom Shortlisted Candidates



a short introduction

When it was established in 1891, the Nigeria Customs Service was tasked with collecting revenue, accounting for it, and counter-smuggling activities.

Today, trade facilitation is a critical task that is increasingly being recognized by governments as an important component of economic policy, with Customs occupying a unique position as the center of the global supply chain of goods and services.

As a result, one of the challenges facing the Nigeria Customs Service is the constructive management of the apparently conflicting task of improving service delivery speed while retaining systematic and efficient intervention controls, which are necessary to meet the demands of complex and – international trade, which has recently been characterized by economic crime, money laundering, and the threat of terrorism.

As a result, it is clear that the Nigeria Customs Service, which has long acted as a steward of the country’s a trade and border control, is not only under greater pressure than ever before but also has an expanded role to play at the highest levels in order to promote legitimate trade in a global environment beset by a slew of challenges.

The mission of the Nigeria Customs Service is to provide services that optimize productivity and foster trade competitiveness by processing declarations quickly.

Our Purpose

Nigeria Customs Service is a model and reference administration that excels at delivering effective and efficient service in order to achieve all aspects of its goal.
That the Service is a modern, lightweight, and competitive organization that influences policy and aids in the development of Nigeria.
That the Service is held in high regard as a pioneer in customs best practices and international standards.
Our Goals

To be the best at receiving and paying for money in a timely and effective manner.
Governmental trade and fiscal strategies are implemented and advised on.
Facilitation of trade promotion
By developing a competent, transparent administration that adheres to international best practices and obligations, Nigerian society will be secure, and reliable and precise statistical data will be produced.
Situation Right Now

The legislative functions of the Nigeria Customs Service can be divided into two categories: central and other functions.

Nigerian Customs STRUCTURE of organization

The Nigeria Customs Service is led by the Comptroller-General, who is assisted by six Deputy Comptrollers-Generals who is in charge of the following departments:

  • Administration of funds and professional assistance
  • Tariffs and Trade
  • Inspection, investigation, and compliance
  • Policy & Strategic Research
  • Creation of Human Capital
  • Excise, Foreign Trade Zones, and Industrial Incentives

Assistant Comptroller-Generals lead each division under these Deputy Comptroller-Generals, while Comptrollers oversee the affairs of each unit under these divisions.

The Comptroller-General reports directly to the ACG (Headquarters), as do the heads of certain Special Units, as well as four Assistant-Comptroller-General (ACG) in each zone who coordinate the area commands under their jurisdictions.


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