Civil Defence Shortlisted Candidates List 2021 | How to Check the List

Civil Defence Shortlisted Candidates List 2021 | In this Article, we are going to guide you on How to Check the List of Civil Defence Shortlisted Candidates

Civil Defence Shortlisted Candidates

Here is the list of civil defense shortlisted candidates for 2021.

This is where you can find the full guide and information. Continue reading to learn how to look at the NSCDC Civil Defense Recruitment.
The list is available in PDF format and can be downloaded. You can also look at the list here. Those who applied for the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps Recruitment are entitled to look at the Police List of Successful Candidates.


Civil Defence Shortlisted Candidates


All candidates who applied for the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps Recruitment can search for their names on the list using this guide. The list is a downloadable PDF file that you can save to your computer or mobile device.

Only those who applied for the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps job will check to see if their names are on the list of shortlisted candidates that have been published.

As we’ve always said, being shortlisted isn’t the be-all and end-all; it doesn’t even make you a civil defense officer, so we suggest that you start planning for the screening interview now.

To increase your chances of getting the job, get a copy of our previous Civil Defense Recruitment questions and answers.

Is There a Shortlist for Civil Defense?

Read this article to find out if the civil defense shortlist has been published. Many people are curious if the Civil Defense Shortlist has been released. Depending on when you read this post, the answer to that question can be yes or no.

The list of shortlisted applicants for the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps has not been released as of the time of writing this post. However, we hope that the list will be made public soon. So stay tuned to find out when the NSCDC Shortlisted candidates will be announced.

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Candidates who have been shortlisted will access the NSCDC portal.

What is the proper portal for shortlisted candidates who have been chosen for screening? Knowing which portal to use will help you from being conned. Scammers abound on the internet. So keep this in mind and stay healthy.

All shortlisted candidates can search and upload their documents at Please keep the portal address in mind and don’t forget. This is where you can see where you are on the list.

If you forget your portal login details after opening the website, you can use the forget password connection to help you recover your login information.

How do I look up the names of the Civil Defense candidates that have been shortlisted?

Follow our guide to stay up to date and do the right thing by testing the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps Recruitment.

According to our sources, the list is available on the civil defense website or the portal. Candidates will also receive guidance by email, which they will use to register or apply for a position. For the time being, all applicants must keep their email active.

The list is in PDF format and covers Nigeria’s 36 nations. Please check your phone or email address to see if you have received a congratulatory email before heading to the NSCDC Portal.

Final thoughts

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More Information About Civil Defence Shortlisted Candidates

The Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC) is a paramilitary organization of the Federal Republic of Nigeria tasked with defending the country and its people from threats and disasters. The lay Act No. 2 of 2003, as amended by Act 6 of 4 June 2007, gives the corps legal authority.

The Corps is empowered to institute legal proceedings by or on behalf of the Attorney General of the Federation in compliance with the provisions of the Federal Republic of Nigeria’s constitution against any person or persons suspected of having committed an offense, maintain an armed squad in order to bear firearms among other things to strengthen the corps in the discharge of its statutory duties and maintain an armed squad in order to bear firearms among other things to strengthen the corps in the discharge of its statutory duties.

During the Nigerian Civil War, the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps were formed in May 1967 in the then-Federal Capital Territory of Lagos for the purpose of sensitization and defense of the civilian population. The Lagos Civil Defence Committee was the name at the time.

It was later renamed the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) in 1970. Most Nigerians living in and around Lagos territory at the time had little to no information about the war and its consequences, so the Corps’ initial aim was to undertake some educational and enlightenment campaigns in and around the Federal Capital of Lagos to sensitize members of the civil populace on enemy attacks and how to save themselves from risk. Members of the Committee thought it was important to inform the public via electronic and print media about how to navigate themselves during air strikes, bomb attacks, and bomb detection, as well as how to dive into trenches during a bomb explosion.

The Corps was converted into a national security agency in 1984, and in 1988, it underwent a major restructuring that culminated in the establishment of commands throughout the Federation, including Abuja, as well as the addition of special functions by the Federal Government.
Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, GCFR, the former president and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, signed into law an Act to provide constitutional backing to the NSCDC passed by the National Assembly on June 28, 2003.


Using digital technologies to develop structures and training methods that will contribute to national security.


With a new zeal, put quality, modesty, and honesty to work in service delivery; add credibility to the definition of protection.


Our main emphasis will be on broad-based knowledge networking and movement tracking.

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