DSS Shortlisted Candidates 2021/2022 List is out | How to Check

DSS Shortlisted Candidates 2021/2022 List is out | In this article, we will unveil to you the steps on How to Check DSS Shortlisted Candidates 2021

DSS Shortlisted Candidates 2021

This article describes how to find the DSS Shortlisted Candidates List 2021/2022 and how to review it.

We’ve painstakingly compiled all the information you’ll need to review the DSS Shortlisted Candidates List for the recently concluded Department of State Service

Recruitment 2021/2022 in this report.

The list is available in PDF format and can be downloaded. You can also look at the list here. The DSS List of Successful Applicants for Recruitment is only open to those who applied for the Department of State Service Recruitment.
You should know at this stage that once the list has been released, and you have checked your name, you should begin thinking about preparing for the Department of State Security Applicant screening.

We’ll also give you the DSS Screening Portal and the DSS Screening Date.

DSS Screening Portal for Shortlisted Candidates 

Allow me to provide you with details about the Department of State Service Screening Portal for Shortlisted Candidates at this time. It is important that you are familiar with the screening portal for many reasons. One of these factors is that you must do a great deal of testing and upload on the portal.

All candidates will be informed of the DSS Shortlisted Candidates’ screening portal via the email address they used for the recruitment process.

However, for the time being, the recruitment site, www.dss.gov.ng, will be used to disseminate all information related to the publication of the list and the screening date.
The portal, which has yet to be triggered, is near for a reason. For example, to avoid being conned by unscrupulous elements who take pleasure in extorting innocent and gullible people. When all of the pieces are in place, the portal will be opened. Continue reading to learn how to navigate the DSS Shortlisted Candidates List for Screening on the 2021 DSS Screening Portal.

How to Search DSS 2021/2022 Shortlisted Candidates List

Now, on to the most relevant aspect of the article: if you’ve been wondering how to search the Department of State Security’s Shortlisted Candidates, you’ve come to the right spot.

To check login to dss.gov.ng
You will be asked to include the email address that you used during the recruitment process once more.

The majority of the information you will receive will be sent to you by email. At this stage, the DSS Recruitment Screening Portal becomes extremely relevant. The platform is where you can do the bulk of your document downloads and uploads.

For identified candidates, a list has been compiled from all 36 states of the federation as well as the Federal Capital Territory.

We’ll keep you posted as we collect more details, which is why we recommend bookmarking this page and signing up for our email list.
We’d like to congratulate and acknowledge all those who made it to the final list of shortlisted candidates.
In Conclusion
Once again, congratulations to all of the candidates who were shortlisted. Please bear in mind that if you don’t see your name on the list, it means the list hasn’t been released yet. If the list has not yet been published, bookmark this page and sign up for our email list to be kept informed. All information gathered by our team will be delivered to you via this medium.
If you’ve made it this far, we’d like to thank you for your time and effort, as it is our sincere desire to assist you in obtaining a position with the Department of State. If you need any details, please leave a message for us in the comment box, indicating what you need as well as your phone number and email address.

Important Knowledge About DSS Shortlisted Candidate


The Department of State Services (DSS) or State Security Service (SSS) has its origins in pre-colonial Nigeria. It was established in 1948 with the creation of the then-“E” Department (Special Branch) in the Office of the Inspector General of the Nigeria Police Force.

Following the failed coup of 1976, during which the then-head of state, General Murtala Mohammed, was assassinated, General Olusegun Obasanjo issued the NSO Decree No.16 (1976), which was one of his most important national assignments as President.

The Nigerian Security Organization (NSO) was founded by the Decree in response to the security threat raised by the 1976 abortive coup attempt. The NSO was then tasked with collecting timely, appropriate, and well-analyzed information in order to resolve the highlighted problems as well as other national security issues.

General Ibrahim Babangida overhauled and reorganized the NSO by Decree No. 19 of 1986, also known as the National Security Agencies (NSA) Decree, 1986, when he took office in 1985. The State Security Service (SSS), the Defence Intelligence Service (DIS), and the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) were established as a result of this exercise (NIA). The Service has continued to cultivate, maintain, and defend the country’s democratic governance since the country’s transition from military to civilian rule in 1999.


The State Security Service (SSS) is primarily activated to carry out its roles and duties by Instrument SSS No.1 of 1999, which was issued in accordance with Section 6 of the National Security Agencies (NSA) Act 1986, Cap. LFN 2004, p. 74. Other decrees (Decree No. 16 of 1976 and Decree 19 of 1986, for example) have charged the Organization with tasks and duties that are very similar in content. These may include, but are not limited to:

a. Every crime against Nigeria’s internal security must be prevented and detected.

b. All non-military classified matters concerning Nigeria’s internal security are protected and preserved.

c. Threats of spying, subversion, sabotage, terrorism, separatist agitations, inter-group disputes, economic crimes of national security dimension, and threats to law and order are all avoided, identified, and investigated.

d. Protective protection for designated senior government officials, critical facilities, and visiting dignitaries;

e. Provision of timely advice to the government on all issues pertaining to national security

f. Other tasks that might be allocated to it from time to time.

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