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Abia State Current Affairs 2021/2022 | In this article, we shall be discussing the Up-to-date Abia State Current Affairs for the year 2021, This will be of help to all those in line to secure a job, write jamb, Post UTME, School of Nursing or any type of Examination that requires Abia State Current Affairs in Nigeria.

Abia State is found in the South-Eastern part of Nigeria known as God’s Own State. Abia State was formerly a British colonial government Region. The Habitants in the State are majorly Igbo people (95% of the population). Abia State is also one of the nine constituent states of the Niger Delta region.

Brief History About Abia State / Abia State Current Affairs

Abia is a state in Nigeria’s south-eastern region. The capital is Umuahia, and the largest commercial city is Aba, which was once a British colonial government outpost in the region and is now one of Nigeria’s most populous cities. In 1991, Abia state was formed from a portion of Imo state.  It is one of the Niger Delta region’s constituent states. It’s also the country’s 5th most developed economy, with the 4th highest Human Development Index, thanks to a plethora of economic activities and rapidly rising populations, as stated by the United Nations in early 2018. In addition, the state is home to Nigeria’s largest cattle market.

The Ethnic Group In Abia state / Abia State Current Affairs

The Igbo ethnic group, who are indigenous to Nigeria’s south-eastern region and makeup about 95 percent of the population, dominates Abia state. The acronym stands for ABA, BENDE, ISUIKWATO, and AFIKPO, the state’s four heavily populated areas.

All Local Government Areas In Abia State

In Abia State, there are 17 local government areas which are listed below;

  • Aba north
  • Aba south
  • Arochukwu
  • Bende
  • Ikwuano
  • IsialaNgwa north
  • IsialaNgwa South
  • Isiukwuato
  • Obi Ngwa
  • Ohafia
  • OsisiomaNgwa
  • Umu-Nneochi
  • Ukwa east
  • Ukwa west
  • Umuahia North
  • Umuahia south and
  • Ugwunagbo

Abia State Local Government Headquarters

The state capital is in Okpula-Ngwa, in the IsialaNgwa north local government district. It has a 451 postal code and a landmass of 109 square meters.

Politics in Abia State

The state government is headed by a democratically elected executive governor who collaborates closely with members of the state legislature. Umuahia is the capital city. There are 17 different types of local government areas (LGAs).

Nigeria’s Abia State House of Assembly
In 1999, Nigeria became a democracy, and Orji Uzor Kalu ran for Governor of Abia State on the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) platform and won. As a result, he was sworn in on May 29, 1999. When it came time for new elections in 2003, Kalu ran on the PDP platform and won a second term as governor (the Constitution of Nigeria limits Governors to two terms in office). In the 2007 general elections, Theodore Orji (PPA) beat Onyema Ugochukwu (PDP) to become Abia’s next governor. Theodore Orji switched from the PPA to the PDP in 2011 and was re-elected for a fourth term.

On April 11, 2015, Okezie Ikpeazu, a member of the People’s Democratic Party, was elected as the ninth Governor of Abia State. He was also declared the winner of the 2019 gubernatorial election, defeating Uche Ogah of the All Progressives Congress, APC, and Alex Otti of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA, with a total of 261,127 votes, and sworn in as Governor for a second term on May 29, 2019.

Culture and Tourism in Abia State Current Affairs

This state has a diverse range of cultures, including the following:

Arochukwu’s long juju, which is connected to the slave trade.

The Azumini Blue River is a waterside where both foreigners and locals can enjoy a nice relaxing spot.

The Amakama wooden cave is a beautiful tree with a hollow interior that can hold up to twenty people.

The caves are found in the northern axis, between Umu and Neochi, and Arochukwu.

The main attractive and well-known tradition of “Akwete” cloth weaving can be found in the Ukwu East local government area.

The Abia Logo and What They Represent

1-Black and Gold Eagle signify the strength and Grace of the Abia people.
2=The Shield has different colors of Blue, Gold, Silver, and Green that represent Labor and Enterprise, Welcoming and Hospitable nature of Abia Man, Sun and Abundance and Fertile.
3=Elephant connotes a traditional image of Aba and indeed Abia State.
4=Open Book means Education, Tutulege,
Scholarship and Holy Bible.
5=Artisan speaks of artisanship.
6=Abia Tower indicates the Central figure you see while entering the state capital.
7= Picture represents Industry.
8=Handshake means Abia is open for Business and finally
9=Four palm trees indicate Fertile and abundance

Abia State Anthem Full Lyrics (Igbo)

Ala Agoziri
Obodo Chukwu ka Abia bu
Obodo Ahia na Oruaka
Steeti mbu Ekere
Anyi ga Arusi oru ike, I bu Ndi Mbu
Abia ga adi Ukwu
Egbe bere uog bere,
Igwe bu ike chukwu gozie Abia.

English version of Abia Anthem.
The land of grace and faith,

That’s Abia God’s own state,

The home of trade and enterprise,

Alfa state we hail.

We shall walk the top to tarry on top,

Abia must be great,

On equity we stand, together we can,

God bless Abia!

Names of Traditional rulers In Abia State Current Affairs


Title Ethnic Group Name
“Ochi 1” Ochi na Isuochi. Comm, Umunneochi Umu Nneochi HRM EZEKWESIRI
“Ehi II” Ehi na Uguru Auto. Comm, Umuguru Umuguru Eze E. E. Eluwa
Okaa Omee I Amaikwu, Abia Igbo Uche Nwamarah
EZE TOWE 1 Umutowe. Igbo Eze G. C Onwuka
Eze Ohanyere I Ahiaba Ubi Isiala Ngwa Eze D.O. Ogbuisi
Ohanyere I Ohiya Umuahia Eze Abel E. Uhuegbu
Enachioken Abiriba Abiriba Kalu Kalu Ogbu
Awu (Eze) Isuamawu Isuikwuato Surveyor Chris E Aboh, FNIS
Igbojiakuru (Eze) Alayi Alayi Ukeje Philip
Eze Uturu Uturu A.E. Ude
Enyi (Eze) Aba Igbo/Eziama Aba Eze Issac Ikonne
Ochiudo 1 Aba Ukwu Igbo/Aba Jonathan U. oguejiofor (JP): Justice of Peace of Federal Republic of Nigeria, Abia State
Osimiri III Aba Igbo/Aba Mazi Ogbonnaya Vincent Okoro (Eze Aro III)
Ugwumba 1 Ndida Ozaar Igbo/Asa Eze Samuel Chukwuemeka Agu
Ike 1 IkeisuIgbo/Isu Igbo/Isu Augustine O. Igwe (Ike I)
Ugo Oha (Eze) Etiti Mgboko Umuanunu Igbo/Etiti Ngozi Ibekwe
Eze Ukwu 1 Ngwa-Ukwu Igbo/Ngwa Benard Enweremadu
Nya 1 Nunya Oguduasaa M.E. Ihevume
Ossah Ibeku {Eze} umuahia Osaa Nze Hope Onuigbo

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